Mootch It: A Sharing Economy Platform for Renting Everyday Items

mootch-app-screenAll too often, we bear the full brunt of ownership costs on our own for things that we only rarely use, and the rest of the time, those things are just taking up space until the next need arises.

But in a time when ownership, at least or certain items, is less and less attractive, the sharing economy can help us cut down on both the amount of stuff we own, as well as the amount of money we need to spend in order to get the benefits of those items.

Instead of going out and buying a new cordless drill, for instance, we may be able to borrow, barter, or rent one just for the time we need one, which has the added benefit of putting that item to work when it would otherwise be idle (and puts some cash back in the pocket of the owners).

We’ve covered some of the potential sharing economy solutions, such as the Open Marq marketplace, but there’s another one in the works, which could allow its users to rent everyday items (which most of us don’t really need every single day), right from their smartphone.

The aptly named Mootch, which is currently seeking crowdfunding, aims to simplify peer-to-peer renting, including pickup and delivery of the items.

“Why can’t we rent out the items we own? Why can’t we easily rent what others own? Aren’t you frustrated when you have to go buy something that you only use a couple times a year? Don’t you wish you could rent it instead?” – Mootch

“Mootch is a platform for on-demand peer-to-peer and business-to-consumer renting of everyday goods with delivery and pick-up.

Have electronics, kitchen appliances, designer items, etc. that you only sometimes use? Make extra cash by renting them out to other people.

Need a pricey camera, food processor, tent or bike for a couple of days but don’t want to buy it? Someone (whether it’s an individual or a small business) around you probably has one you could rent.

All of this, on one platform: Mootch.”

Mootch isn’t up and running yet, but if the team behind it reaches their goal of raising $15,000 with their crowdfunding campaign, New York City will be the first location for people to stop buying and start Mootching.

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