Declare Water Supply Independence with an Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG)

gI_0_EBglassWith rising utility prices, increasing carbon emissions, and an aging electric grid, we’re seeing more and more people starting to declare energy independence by installing home solar power systems, but there’s another crucial element in our daily lives that is even more important than energy, but which usually gets much less attention.

Access to clean, safe, potable drinking water is paramount for human health, but between extreme drought conditions, increasingly contaminated ground and surface waters, and a water infrastructure that desperately needs improvement, a dependable water supply is more fragile than most of us would like to admit.

One way to help ensure that the water supply for our home or business is safeguarded is by identifying an alternative source for water, such as using a device that can extract clean water from the air – an atmospheric water generator (AWG). By employing an AWG to provide drinking water at our home or business, we can in effect declare our water supply independence, whether we use it for emergency purposes or for our regular daily water consumption.

One of the smaller models of AWGs, such as the EcoloBlue EB30, can effectively produce between 5-8 gallons of water a day (depending on the temperature and humidity), without relying on an external water supply, and larger models can generate anywhere from 30 gallons per day up to several thousand gallons per day, which could go a long way toward establishing a dependable water supply for years to come. The EcoloBlue units not only condense humidity from the air to use as a water supply, but they also put that water through a 12-stage filtration system, and then securely store the water for when it’s needed.

“When crisis strikes, if you don’t already have emergency water, food and supplies on hand, you will be faced with rushing into the stores like thousands of others and scrambling for whatever stock might be left on the shelves.  While we don’t recommend living life as if you’re living in a compound, we do believe that if there’s a way to live your life today that ALSO prepares for tomorrow, it is the smartest and best approach.”

As an added benefit of an AWG, these units can also help to dehumidify homes and businesses while providing clean water, so those living in humid regions will appreciate the fact that while their indoor environment is getting more comfortable through using one, they’re also gaining some water supply independence.  Find out more about how atmospheric water generators produce water from air and enable a dependable water supply at Molecule Water Tech.

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