Ancient African Superfood Recipe Starts by Milking a Banana

banana-wave-banana-milkThe non-dairy beverage industry is full of so-called milks made from almonds, soybeans, rice, coconuts, and even oats, spawning a variety of jokes that start with something like “but how do you milk a nut (grain, bean, etc)?”

However, this abundance of options for grain and nut milks gives those who are lactose intolerant, have dairy allergies, or are vegan, a variety of choices when it comes to non-dairy beverages for drinking, pouring over cereal, baking, or as a smoothie ingredient.

The newest entry to the alternative beverage market starts with something decidedly different: a fruit that we all know and love, the banana.

Based on an ancient African superfood recipe, Banana Wave, from Fresh Start Beverage Company, could be the future of non-dairy beverages, and the company aims to use their products to make humanity “healthy, happy, and strong.”

Banana Wave banana milk has just five main ingredients, all of them superfoods in their own right – bananas, oats, soybeans (non-GMO), sunflower seeds, and flax seeds – which are combined together into a rich, smooth, and creamy beverage that is said to evoke the taste of banana pudding or banana bread. According to the company, this recipe has been used by African villagers for centuries, which gave them “a natural energy boost to make it through hot, bright, and sunny days.”

In addition to expanding the options for non-dairy beverages in a market crowded by the big manufacturers, Fresh Start is also bringing a breath of fresh air to into the industry, as the company is the first women and minority owned company to try to break into the non-dairy market, something which is sorely needed.

The recipe was developed in the kitchen of one of the cofounders’ aunts in Mobile, AL, and the product has taken three years to go from a homemade version into a commercial one that retains its ‘all natural’ integrity. The commercial samples were produced earlier this year, but in order to go into full production of the first 10,000 cases of Banana Wave, Fresh Start has turned to crowdfunding with an Indiegogo campaign, which seeks to raise $50,000 toward those costs.

Banana Wave banana milk, according to Fresh Start, offers an all-natural, nutritious, and heart-healthy superfood beverage full of health benefits:

  • Banana milk provides 100% DV of Vitamin C.
  • Banana milk can be used as a pre & post workout beverage. It can also be used as a meal replacement due to its low fat and high quality calorie content.
  • Banana milk is rich in Omega-3 (DHA) fatty acids which have been shown to have heart-healthy effects.
  • Banana milk is lactose, gluten and dairy free.
  • Banana milk is a natural energy booster, which sustains the body longer than caffeine or a sugary snack.
  • Banana milk contains more potassium (about 330mg/240mL) than most alternative milk beverages (240mg/240mL).

Backers of the crowdfunding campaign can choose from a variety of perks, including the ability to pre-order a case of Banana Wave, $5 coupons, a healthy recipe e-book, and more. Find out more on the Indiegogo page.

[Image: Fresh Start Beverage Company]

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