Impact Investing & Social Investment Directory: Invest With Values

investwithvaluesIf you’re an investor (or would like to be), and want to better align your money and your values, while still reaping the financial rewards of your investments, the growing opportunities in sustainable, responsible, and impact investing (SRI) can help ensure that you’re also making the world a better place with your investments.

Thanks to a new online resource, Invest With Values, prospective impact investors can stay abreast of trends, issues, and developments in the SRI sector, as well as get access to a variety of resources and connect with other similarly-minded investors.

This SRI directory, which features over 300 resources related to aligning money with values, along with community forums, provides a framework and roadmap for values-based positive change in the investing community, and aims to enable more sharing and collaboration among social and impact investors.

The site, which was originally launched as the Money and Impact Investing Directory in early 2013, has been expanded and refocused by its creator, Brian Kaminer, of Talgra, a sustainable investing consulting firm. The original site aimed to take what Kaminer had learned about SRI investing over the years, and had written up and distributed in PDF form, and to bring it to the web in a more interactive form.

This recent expansion, which includes four forums (Local Banking, Community Investing, Sustainable and Responsible Investing, and Impact Investing) across 13 topical categories, seeks to fill a void in the investing space “by connecting the dots between related investment areas such as local banking, community investing, sustainable & responsible investing, impact investing, and the organizations that occupy them.”

“Invest with Values is the trusted resource for investors learning to align their money and values in ways that generate financial return along with positive social and environmental change.

The Directory is your free curated guide to approaches, opportunities and getting started. The community Forum will connect you to investors with shared interests and values.”

Find out more about what Invest With Values has to offer you in your social and impact investing activities at the website.

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