Demonstrating a Commitment to Waste Reduction in Your Company

Businesses easily accumulate waste from their everyday business habits and practices. The amount of waste that builds up over the long term can be extraordinary. Additionally, much of the waste that is accumulated isn’t environmentally friendly. Every business can play their part to reduce waste and help the environment as small actions eventually lead into big developments.

To create a more eco-friendly environment, businesses should implement a company philosophy whereby waste is either reduced, reused or recycled. As businesses, consumers and employees become more environmentally savvy; there are a range of actions that can be taken to demonstrate a commitment to waste reduction. Below are suggested actions that can be implemented.

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The first step is to evaluate what practices and habits you have within your business. This can be done by assessing the benchmark of the environmental practices within your business. Find out what areas are contributing to large amounts of waste and make a note of it. Review the areas where your business is performing well and identify ways to improve them. Share the findings with the management team as well as other members of the organisation and collaborate ideas and suggestions on how to address the waste issues that the business is facing.

Go green with your business’s printing habits.

A lot of the waste within the business is caused by the printing habits within the organization. This is both in terms of paper waste and ink from toner cartridges. Businesses can do more by encouraging or putting in place printing restrictions by:

+ Encouraging people to maintain or use digital copies of their documentation

+ Recycling printed paper as ‘scrap’ paper for note taking or for scrap prints

+ Implement a printing system that requires quotas or credits

+ Using ink cartridge refills as opposed to replacing the entire cartridge

Reducing wasted energy.

It is a fact that businesses waste an enormous amount of energy. Much of it is through electricity. Businesses can put in force initiatives to reduce energy consumption by:

+ Making better use of natural light by installing window or shutter solutions

+ Make use of solar energy

+ Lower energy usage by turning off items that consume energy when they aren’t being used. Common culprits include lights, office equipment and computers.

Create green initiatives for the office kitchen.

If you give employees the option to use products in the kitchen that will add to waste, they will use it. Implement alternatives that will see waste from the employee kitchen reduced. These include:

+ Drinking water from reusable water bottles or cups.

+ Reducing the use of disposable products such as plastic spoons, knives, forks, cups, plates, paper napkins and tissues and more.

+ Offer tap water with lemon slices (where the tap water is drinkable).

+ Provide cloth napkins and towels for the kitchen, as opposed to disposable tissue napkins.

Adopting these eco-friendly habits will significantly reduce the amount of waste that your business will accumulate.

Develop green solutions within employee bathrooms.

Seek to use environmentally friendly products where available. Businesses can make environmentally friendly decisions such as:

+ Purchasing toilet paper that is made from recycled materials.

+ Purchasing refillable soap dispensers.

+ Purchasing soaps in bulk.

Offer more recycling options to employees.

Make it easier for your employees to recycle by providing recycling bins. Take it an extra step further and provide specialized bins for paper products, plastics, glass and compost. Make it easier for them to make environmentally friendly choices for the business.

Other things to consider when going green.

Businesses can do more by encouraging employees to use refillable items such as pens and ink cartridges. Additionally, seek to reduce the amount of junk mail by cancelling unnecessary subscriptions and sign up for electronic delivery of bills and invoices.

Create a mission for your business to lead with environmentally friendly initiatives and the business will naturally demonstrate the commitment towards waste reduction.

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