5 Travel Tips for the Eco-Conscious Traveler

Between take-offs/landings, renting cars and general transit the transportation industry produces as much as 30 percent of CO2 emissions. In order to reduce the nearly billion tons of carbon dioxide released every year by aviation alone we need to get smart about how we travel. Slight adjustments in the way you travel can significantly reduce your carbon footprint and promote eco-friendly and sustainable tourism in the places you visit. Vaibhav Deshpande from the fast growing travel startup Holidayme brings you these tips.

eco-friendly travel tips

1. Think Globally, Act Locally

While it’s important to immerse yourself in the indigenous culture of the place you’re visiting, consider how you might financially benefit them. Are there any nearby working farms that double as hotels? If not, research some green, socially responsible hotels in the area. Visit local farmer’s markets or restaurants that only use locally sourced ingredients. Only buy authentic cloths and fabrics of local culture(s).

2. Plan an Efficient, Ethical Trip

Before you decide to go anywhere, make sure to do your homework. Choose travel destinations that rank high on their environmental and human rights standards. That way your money is re-funneled into a destination that aligns with your moral ideologies. If possible, volunteer your time at a local non-profit to get a real feel for the plights of people from other countries.

3. Reuse and Reduce Waste

Carry a water bottle around with you to stay hydrated and to reduce your reliance on water bottles and sugary drinks. Consider purchasing a mobile water filtration battery. That way, you’ll not only feel better about drinking the water of foreign places, but finding a good water source will be faster and easier. Got some trash, but don’t see a dumpster nearby? Either take your trash home with you or donate any unused or unwanted items at a nearby shelter. Most foreign travel sites don’t have a myriad of trash disposal sites so be mindful of this when travelling.

4. Travel Light

Reduce carbon emissions by booking non-stop trips and walk, bike, or use locally manned transportation if, and whenever possible. You’ll not only get more exercise, but you’ll experience the new destination more intimately and you won’t burn more gas than what you need. For longer distances think about taking a bus or train.

5. Intuitive Touring

Touring green is a thing. Some green travelling tips include: travelling in groups as opposed to solo-trips, booking a green touring company and participating in reduced carbon activities. Reduced carbon activities include snorkeling, photography, volunteering and working/playing with animals. Do some research on a green touring company that respects and is knowledgeable of the indigenous populations both human and animal of your respective destination.

Travelling in an eco-friendly fashion takes proper planning and research. But your efforts are well worth it! By developing good habits abroad, you not only show that you respect the culture/environment your destination site, but that you’re willing to learn new things and contribute to helping the environment. At the end of this article you should note many similarities in how you can contribute both in your home country and abroad so adapting to a new country should not be that hard.

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