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  • What could you do to help us develop a New Green Energy Technology? Thanks Art Drentlau

  • Hello
    I´m making a Science fair project of energy saving houses in future and there are a few questions.
    How does sustainable design save energy?
    Which material is the best to save energy?
    Which experiment could I do with a house-model?
    Please answer this quickly as possible.
    But thank you if you have seen my message.

    Greetings from Jonathan

  • http://www.ukparentslounge.com/index.php?pg=105&utwkstoryid=2576&title=Young+generation+presents+green+agenda&ind=6

    I was hoping to get some feedback from individuals who want to make a positive contribution to the environment.

    I came across the above clip and article on the net and got thinking that although it is an excellent initiative by an energy provider to get the younger generation think about reducing carbon footprints but is the thought not limited to just few serious students who have the knowledge and really care !!?? What about the greater lot who find all this green issue complicated to understand, boring and unnecessary !! Should we as matured individuals and parents not be leading by example in simple ways such as buying more eco friendly toys,buying eco -friendly fashion accessories, recycling old clothes, car pooling to school and recycling waste at home help them gain a better understanding? They say charity begins at home are we really gifting our children a greener tomorrow ??!!

    Having researched on the buying nature of young consumers I am trying to focus my company’s (Eco Elegance ) marketing strategy towards encouraging the young to think about sustainability through fashion, something which I believe every youngster is conscious of. The younger generation today want to look trendy but with a limited budget to spend it may be a bit difficult to get that look. We specialise in providing options of eco friendly fashion bags which are appealing, fashionable, colourful , durable for long term usage and yes affordable.
    (honestly this doesn’t cost the earth)

    This is a small attempt from me to enable our children to think about the choices they have so that they can make their future much greener !!!

    Any feedback would be most welcome and apologies for the long comment.


  • West Australian Test papers is a small partnership which produces trial examination papers for sale to WA high schools. We seek permission to use a diagram from your web site, headed HOW LONG WILL IT LAST, in a Year 11 Geography paper this year. Can you please let me know if you hold the copyright to this diagram or, if not, to whom I should apply for permission to use the material.
    thanking you in anticipation
    Helen Temby

    • We do not hold the copyright. There is a link in the post to the source of the image. Good luck and thanks for following Ecopreneurist!

  • We are a eco-consious women’s lifestyle and fashion magazine that is brand spanking new and trying to gain any and all media coverage! We are an online and in print magazine, here is a link to our online issue, http://issuu.com/deckerch/docs/tru4iathefirstissue we would love to talk to you more about Tru4ia and what we are doing next!

    Thanks so much for being an awesome eco-resource!

  • Hi Priti,

    I’m interested in helping ecopreneurs develop successful businesses.

    I have a few questions – not sure if you will know the answer but I’m hoping you will at least have an idea of how I can find the answers.

    1. Is the word “ecopreneurs” copyrighted? Can I use it freely in my business?

    2. Is there a magazine (hard copy type) that is targeted to ecopreneurs?

    3. Is there a professional organization for ecopreneurs?

    4. What is the definition of an “ecopreneur”?

    Thanks for your help with these questions.


    P.S. For more information about my FREE ecopreneurs business support circle, please go here: http://www.claritygreen.com/2011/07/25/eco-entrepreneurs-seek-balance-between-wealth-health/

  • Our company KINKARACO-Green Burial Products
    (just google :burial shrouds)
    has been bringing the cultural shroud of the East to the funeral homes of the West for ecological secular purpose . Our 100% biodegradable constructed burial shrouds and cremation shrouds are an alternative to caskets and clothing.
    We have been a pioneer of of the Green burial movement since the beginning and debuted our product on “Six Feet Under”in 2005 and was named an “Entrepreneur changing the funeral industry” in Business Week magazine 2008.
    We would love to let more people know about natural burial with a feature on your great site.
    Thank you

  • Considering our fragile environment, dwindling natural resources and the growing population’s “food, energy and employment needs.” Then “Responsible agriculture” in a sustainable way is the solution.
    COMMON WEALTH SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY ACADEMY FOR RESEARCH C-STAR http://www.cstarindia.com/with Dr. Jürgen Kleinwächter of the SUNVENTION™ have developed an EPG system suited for the Indian village that could be financed-fitted by Govt. and the benefiter to pay only for energy used
    The SUNVENTION® (www.sunvention.com) systems presentation explains this
    “CENTRALIZED” solar power generation losses 65% in transmission losses a “DECENTRALIZED” captive generation mode no loss.

  • Shelly Moore Townsend
  • Shelly Moore Townsend
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