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How Good Information Advances Sustainability in Universities

Universities have always been important centers of environmental efforts and innovation, acutely aware of the long term health of our planet and motivated to contribute to solutions.  Now universities are increasingly focused on sustainability on their own campuses, and finding ways to do better. Besides an interest in doing the right thing, universities are major […]

February 28th

A Gift of Service

A Gift of Service connects those who want to give help with those who need the help and those who provide it, giving them a way to provide housecleaning, babysitting, nanny service, handyman services, dog walking, or more. Have you ever had your life stopped in its tracks by a sudden crisis? Whether it is from illness, accident, a death in the family or one of life’s other challenges, most of us will run into a crisis at some point in our lives that throws us off the tracks. Anne Carey is building A Gift of Service for people to give help at times like this when it is needed the most.

January 24th

The Eco-Cliff and the Fiscal Cliff

We’ve been hearing about the fiscal cliff a lot lately, about the risk of falling over the edge by failing to reach a political agreement, triggering automatic tax increases and spending cuts by the US goverment. It sounds like we’re about to sail off the edge of the world, a new end of the world since the last one failed to materialize.

Personally, I think we’d be better off with less political theater and more good old-fashioned political compromise, the messy but effective work of legislating. But for all of the drama, I’m wondering why we worry so much about the fiscal cliff and government debt while we do our collective best to ignore a bigger issue – the Eco Cliff we are sailing toward, and our continued environmental debt.

December 29th

Denial of Climate Change: A Team Effort

Climate change is a great risk to our world, maybe the greatest. Climate change related threats like rising seas, drought, floods, and strains on food production threaten our way of life, and the lives of billions of others. These changes are not all in the distant future – they are already underway today, and getting increasingly hard to ignore. And yet, as a planet and a people, we’ve barely started to address this problem.

October 8th

A Rising Tide of Eco-Optimism

Let me say right up front that I’m a big fan of all things green, but I’ve been feeling a bit out of it lately when it comes to sustainability. I wrote a book or two about it, and proudly wear the term greenie. I got the solar panels, the Prius, and the compost heap – the whole green nine yards. But lately I’ve wondered if the tide had turned, the world moved on, and maybe I had fallen out of step. Reading David Bergman’s book Sustainable Design, I think the tide is turning again, greener than ever.

September 27th

Leaping Bunny Serves Up a Cruelty Free Holiday Bonanza

In a recent poll by ORC International a full 60% of those who responded said they were more likely to buy a product that had not been tested on animals. In the past there was often no way of knowing which products involved animal testing and which ones did not, but Leaping Bunny has changed this over the last fifteen years. Administered by the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics (CCIC), the Leaping Bunny Program provides clear guidelines and certification for cruelty-free products from hundreds of companies.

December 20th

Healthy Planet, Healthy Skin: Sevani Botanica Offers All Natural, Vegan Skincare

On any trip to a salon or beauty store you’ll find scores of products with ads and labels suggesting they’ll make you look young, healthy, ravishingly beautiful, and wildly happy as well. A growing number of these products claim to be natural and good for the planet as well as good for your skin. How do you know what to believe?

December 14th

Gifts for Thanksgiving: Necessity is the Mother of Reinvention

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and ideally it’s not just about food, floats and football, and it’s not just about shopping. It’s also about giving thanks. We’ve faced some great challenges in recent years, but as great as the challenges are some people are taking lost jobs or other setbacks as opportunities to take their life in a new direction, thankful for the opportunity to reinvent themselves.

Some are changing course to do work with a purpose that they believe in, or starting businesses that help the planet and the people who live here.

November 21st

SlickWear – Buy an Eco Friendly Bag and Support a Cause at Checkout

One of the great things about green businesses is their commitment to giving back to the world around them, helping both people and planet in many ways. A growing number of businesses support environmental and social causes and groups that deliver solutions. SlickWear gives you a new way to support a cause through their Eco-Bag store, letting you pick a bag, and pick a cause as well when you make a purchase.

November 7th

Leaping Bunny Boosts Awareness of Cruelty-Free Cosmetics with Pledge Campaign and $1,000 Vegan Beauty Box Giveaway

A growing number of people want products that match their values, including their love for animals. Many cosmetics and personal care products use animal-based components or are tested in animals, practices that conscious consumers are widely opposed to. To help consumers make purchases they can believe in, Leaping Bunny certifies cruelty-free cosmetics and personal care products that can wear their internationally recognized logo.

September 6th

Clean Solar Energy Offers Promising Small Business Opportunities

Our overall economy seems stuck in slow motion, particularly old industries like construction and real estate. Many are taking control of their lives though and starting businesses in new areas that are prospering even as old fields flounder. Green industries like solar energy are an excellent option for many reasons.

Starting a solar installer business is one business opportunity in the solar market, although this route requires significant technical expertise and resources to get started. A new solar business opportunity is to start a sales business as a solar broker. Read on to understand how this ca become a promising business opportunity for many!

August 24th

7 Steps to Tell Your Green Business Story in a Changing World

Everybody loves a good story, but story telling isn’t just for bedtime and movies. Story telling is an essential skill for businesses of all colors, including the green ones.
In the world of corporate communications and marketing, stories are used to sell without looking like we are selling. Green businesses are no different when it comes to marketing their business with stories, working their stories into their communications from social networking to ads to press releases to blogs. The good news is that green businesses have so many great stories to tell, stories about their commitment to building a better and brighter world through sustainability.

August 17th

Build a Green Business and Help Others Go Green as A Certified Eco-Consultant

We live in challenging times and people are seeking jobs anywhere they can. Necessity is a powerful mother of invention, and there is plenty of necessity to go around, with unemployment still stubbornly high. After sending out countless resumes more and more people are realizing that the best new job is one they make for themselves by starting their own business. And as people reevaluate the direction of their lives, they’re finding that they don’t want just any job or business; they want a business or career that means something, one that has a purpose as well as paying the bills. Becoming a Certified Eco-Consultant could be the answer they are looking for.

July 27th

Water for People: Finding Better Ways to Deliver Water to People

Water is an important issue globally, and with the world’s population hitting 7 billion this year and the impact of climate change growing, water will only grow in importance. But the need for clean water and sanitation is not a new problem, and some wonder why the rate of progress seems so slow. As the CEO of Water for People, and as someone who was worked globally on delivering clean water to people for many years, Ned Breslin is creating new solutions for this old problem.

July 13th

Green Training and Education Can Jump-start Your Green Business Career

The US economy is slowly recovering we hear but for many people it doesn’t feel that way, with high unemployment and slow economic growth still challenging millions of Americans. As hard as it can be our changing economy is also creating great opportunities for businesses that deliver sustainability, creating healthy, balanced, and productive lives. The greater our challenges the more we need solutions like these and yet most of us still don’t know how to unlock the potential of sustainability. The key is- sustainability training and education. Here are some option on how you can jump-start your green career.

July 11th

Green Marketing Strategy in Two Easy Steps

Businesses around the world are infinite in their variety, but there’s one thing they all have in common: they need customers. Even better, profitable customers. Your green business may have a unique level of commitment to sustainability, but you still need customers just like every other business. How do you get them? Here’s how you can connect with the green market in two easy steps.

June 27th

The High Price of Cheap Clothes

Most of us get a thrill from finding cheap clothes.  Money is tight for plenty of people these days and spotting that cheap dress or shirt can feel like finding buried treasure but the thrill is all too fleeting.  Cheap dress shirts or dresses come with a hidden high price if they aren’t made well, […]

May 23rd