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10 Ways Ecopreneurs Are Going Green in 2015

Perhaps you have already given up on some, or all, of your New Year’s resolutions. But regardless of what month it is, every day is another opportunity to make better decisions, especially those that result in greener and smarter choices for your health and the environment. Ecopreneurs lead green technology innovation and utilization in the […]

March 18th

How to Keep Your Startup Afloat with Smooth Scaling

Visionary startups are always talking about breaking the mold, shaking things up, or leaving the world a different place from the way they found it. That kind of passion is perfectly fine, encouraging even, but at some point a business owner needs to know what they are able to do versus what they want to […]

April 1st

New Business Venture After Career Loss: My Journey

By Amber Archangel What does one do when their career disappears? Maybe you or someone you know has experienced something similar. Returning to school may not be the first thing you think of — however, for me, it seemed like a great place to start. My previous college days took place before personal computers played the […]

October 12th

Social Good And Profitability Are Not Exclusive, They’re Very Compatible

In today’s world where everyone seems to be trying to make a buck, it can be hard to see the bigger picture and accomplish something for the greater good. Times are tough in this economy and if you can come out on top for your business and your own personal gain in any way, it […]

September 8th

Time to Reconsider Your Idea of a Company

by Paul Smith Ever have one of those moments when someone says something that makes everything else stand still?  This happened to me recently, in conversation with Brian Jamison, a man with an eclectic history that includes playing a hand in the first Disneyland and Sony Playstation sites, biodiesel production, and now acting as CEO of OpenSourcery, […]

August 21st

Eco-ships: the marine industry’s newest sustainability feature

In the maritime industry, we’ve seen a trend towards building ECO-ships (highly energy efficient vessels that are better for the environment). And that’s no surprise, considering that the potential cost savings are massive for shipyard businesses. Thanks to the design optimisation process, ECO-ships have greater hull lines, propulsion systems, sleeker designs, and next gen engines. […]

July 30th

Long-Term Green Business Initiatives

There are lots of ways to make your business more environmentally friendly. Some of these you can implement immediately, easily and cheaply – energy-saving light-bulbs, reducing unnecessary printing, turning appliances off when not in use, and so on.
Others are more complicated and may take a while to take effect and bring rewards, since they involve major investment or policies aimed at changing your employees’ environmentally unfriendly habits. Once you’ve implemented the quick wins, though, it’s worth thinking about these since over the long term they can bring substantial savings.

July 26th

Farm Alliance of Baltimore Improves Viability of Urban Farming

If you hadn’t noticed, there’s been an explosion in the number of farmers’ markets in the past few years. This has increased access to and demand for locally and regionally sourced food.

When this demand is combined with the excess space left by urban flight in places such as Detroit and Baltimore, it creates the ideal condition for urban farming to take root. But unlike traditional market models where each business competes to bring products to the consumer, many urban farmers recognize that collaborative arrangements can have multiple benefits.

July 15th