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Mission Possible: How to Effectively Reduce Your Business’s Carbon Footprint

Carbon footprint refers to “the total amount of greenhouse gases produced to directly and indirectly support human activity.” Another way of defining it is the amount of carbon dioxide you produce by doing certain activities at certain periods of time. And while your carbon footprint is not something you can consider a trophy, having one is inevitable.

February 4th

Five Reasons Why Slower Growth Isn’t Necessarily Bad

While it’s true that fewer babies were born last year than in previous years (due to the recession, most likely), our total fertility rate – the number of babies born to the average woman over her lifetime – has barely budged. Most American women want about two kids. That’s been true for decades, and it likely will remain true for decades to come.

But what if the professional fertility doom-mongers are right? What if the United States’ population stops growing and instead remains level? I’d like to shuck common wisdom and offer five reasons why a higher birth rate isn’t a panacea for us or the rest of the planet.

January 23rd

How to Start a Food Revolution in 2013

The FoodTank aims to become a bold new voice in the fight for health-based agriculture, alleviating hunger and poverty, stemming the tide of obesity, and improving environmental sustainability. Co-founders Danielle Nierenberg and Ellen Gustafson understand that fixing the system requires changing the conversation and finding ways that make food production—and consumption—more economically, environmentally, and socially just. The Food Think Tank officially launches January 10th.

December 26th

The Misconceptions of Capitalism vs Socialism | Building a Sustainable Economy

Thanks to a couple of communist revolutions during the 20th Century the economic map of the world has been polarised between capitalist and socialist thought. Now, at the start of the 21st Century, we’re faced with the problem of how to build a sustainable economy and the whole capitalism vs socialism issue raises its head once again.

December 19th

Going Green With Office Appliances

The modern business owner owes it not only to himself but to the environment to move towards a more green business model. Going green is something that a lot of people think might be overly expensive or confusing, but it doesn’t have to be either of these. Making your office more green is all about taking small steps, one a time.

December 4th

The SocialPreneur Movement

The SocialPreneur, or social entrepreneur, movement is all about being a socially conscious professional. This person recognizes needs within society and uses their reach in the business world to make positive changes, especially in their own community. A SocialPreneur has an interesting role in both business and society, they are making a difference while making a profit – these two can be directly or indirectly connected depending on the nature of their work.

November 28th

Microfinance: Does it Work in America?

Most Americans are familiar with the word microfinance, having heard it primarily in reference to people living in developing nations in South America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. In these regions, microfinance institutions (MFIs) loan poor individuals – who might otherwise never find a lender or investor – sums ranging from $100 to $5,000 to start an enterprise or simply to improve their lives. But what about America?

November 19th

Why Future Data Centers Must Be Green

The carbon emissions and overall environmental impact of data centers is becoming a greater concern for technology and IT companies. The growing demand for data centers, thanks to personal cloud computing, virtual businesses, and the overwhelming need of storage for companies like Facebook and Apple, has caused the atmospheric emissions of these centers to skyrocket.

The data center industry now has a greater carbon footprint than the airline industry – and we are only headed towards the beginning of an ever growing need for data storage.

November 16th

Employee Liaison May Inspire Savings

As we head inexorably for the depths of winter and the mercury starts to descend, our energy use reaches a premium across the board. As well as heating our houses and facing the financial consequences as central heating systems are cranked up, businesses across the land face a similar spike in the bottom line of their accounts.

November 10th

Finding the Right Climate Balance at Work

Any business owner wants to keep their overheads low, and with energy costs being so much of an enterprise’s budget these days, keeping the electricity bills down surely must be a priority. Simple measures such as timed or motion-controlled lighting and low-energy bulbs will help you along your way, but can only get you so far. By a long way, the major part of energy expenditure will come from heating your premises – and this really is something that no business can go without.

November 8th

Is Your Business Sustainably Sourced?

Of course you want your new business to be successful. But in this age of shrinking consumer demands, disturbing job figures and the persistent reluctance of banks to loan money after the housing debacle, you also want your start-up to reflect the values that used to be considered American. You want it to be prosperous, […]

November 2nd