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Learning the Wrong Lessons from the Solyndra Bankruptcy

This article written by Aaron Fown was resposted from CleanTehnica, our sister site.

Solyndra’s recent failure to thrive, despite half a billion dollars in federal loan guarantees and strong growth this year, could be taken as a lesson in the failure of government investment in clean energy technology. But it was, in fact, an example of a stunning success of this strategy. Unfortunately, it wasn’t our success. It was China’s.

September 1st

4 Tips for Starting a Solar Retail Business

If you’re an entrepreneur looking stake your claim on the ground floor of what is poised to be an extremely profitable industry, now is the time to think about how you can become not only a supporter of solar but a retailer as well. Here are some tips for getting the training and support you need to start a successful business in the solar industry

August 1st

How to Lease Your Roof to Make Passive Solar Income

The fossil fuel industry is in trouble. Oil and coal reserves will only last a few more decades (at best) and are already struggling to keep up with increased demand. The renewable energy industries, especially solar, are growing rapidly thanks to government incentives and increased consumer awareness about the negative environmental impact of conventional fuels. […]

July 28th

You Are What You Tweet

{From the editor: This guest post by John Friedman, was originally published on Vault’s CSR Blog: In Good Company. With the ballooning use of social media to market personal and product branding, comes responsibility. John reminds us that, “We are what we tweet.”} In light of the scandal around Congressman Weiner’s social media ‘activities’ which […]

June 19th

Put Some Bark in Your Green Efforts

Whether you’re a business owner, an animal owner or both, you’d be surprised what you can do in caring for your friendly pooch, feline or other animal in helping the environment out. As we all know, Americans have a love affair with their dogs, cats and other variety of animals. There isn’t much we won’t […]

Sports Teams Growing Green Thumbs

Professional sports teams in recent years have jumped on the green bandwagon to satisfy the green demands of many fans; along the way, the teams have teamed up with non-traditional sponsors and trimmed costs too.

How $4 a Gallon May Help Your Green Strategy

High gas prices are a cause for panic for both daily drivers and businesses that rely on vehicular transport. According to Gas Buddy, gas is currently averaging over $3.85 a gallon and in many parts of the country you may be shelling out more at the pumps than that. Especially if you operate in an […]

April 5th

South Korea's Smart Grid Will Lead the New Green Revolution

South Korea is attempting to bring about a new green revolution with its own hands in an attempt to both cut down on CO2 emissions and also to make their electricity market more efficient. They’re pouring somewhere around the ballpark of $7.18 billion dollars into making a new smart grid for the country. There will […]

March 22nd

For What Its Worth

From the editor: This is a guest post by John Friedman, an award-winning communicator and CSR practitioner. Through this engaging post John conveys how businesses, big and small can create “real” value and “sustain” themselves through touch economic times. In a market-driven economy, value is based on perception rather than a systematic formula so that […]

March 11th

Navigating the Waters of Mission and Profit with Criterion Ventures

A common dilemma for social entrepreneurs is the choice between and within for-profit and non-profit legal structures. Everyone in our field knows how artificial the for/non-profit line can seem when you’re an entrepreneur trying to change the world, while (hopefully) supporting yourself and dependents in order to make your efforts sustainable over time. But tax […]

March 10th

Seventh Generation & Jeffrey Hollender: A Case Study in Online Crisis Communications

This is cross-posted at Seventh Generation has announced on its blog, Twitter stream and FaceBook page that “co-founder Jeffrey Hollender’s employment relationship with the company has ended.” The announcement, on November 10th,  came eight days after the news broke on Marc Gunther’s blog, more than two weeks after employees were informed that the board […]

November 15th

Consumer Activism and “Carrotmob"

This is a guest post by Priti Ambani. What if there was a way for consumers to reward eco-businesses who are doing social good? I recently came across a really innovative practice called Carrotmob. When companies do wrong socially or ecologically we boycott their products and services. Well, what if a company is leading the […]

November 4th