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What it Means to be Green and Other Environmental Claims

This is a guest post by Beth L. Law, CSPA Assistant General Counsel and Vice President for International Affairs. As an organization that represents a significant number of businesses that would be affected by any federally mandated guidelines pertaining to green and/or environmental claims, it is fair to say that the  Consumer Specialty Products Association […]

October 28th

What the FTC’s Green Guides Mean for the Market

This is a guest post by Thomas P. Lyon. After 12 years of sitting almost silent as the ecolabels proliferated, early this month the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) released an update to its Guides for the Use of Environmental Marketing Claims (“Green Guides”). The Guides, which were initially issued in 1992 and updated in 1998, […]

October 21st

Green Chamber of Commerce Highlights Socially-Responsible Web Developer Exygy

The Green Chamber of Commerce has contributed a great post over at TriplePundit highlighting Exygy, possibly the leading web development firm with an explicitly socially-responsible focus. From the article: For Exygy and others, sustainability means working to create intuitive, easy to use systems for organizations and entrepreneurs who are in their line of work for […]

September 28th

One Month Later: The HP OfficeJet 8500

Update: We’re still using the 8500 in our office, months later. The next green claims we’ll be testing are all about office furniture. It’s not always easy to find certified sustainably-produced furniture at good prices, so what else can be done? We’ll be testing furniture designs that use fewer materials for the same functionality — […]

April 29th