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Favorite Eco-Product Discoveries in 2008- Portable Solar Panel Solio

The year 2008 has been a great year for innovative, eco-friendly products. Technology has really been tapped to provide solutions to many key environmental issues. One of the coolest technologies to emerge, the Solio, has been featured on CNBC, NBC’s the Today Show, MacDirectory, and was awarded National Geographic’s ‘Best of Gear’ award. The Solio […]

December 11th

Find a Brand for this Paper Water Bottle

Are you a consumer products company looking for a new product that redefines and reinvigorates its product category, and is eco-friendly? Today could be your lucky day. Brandimage, one of the largest international design agencies in the world, has just the product for you. Jim Warner, Managing Director of Industrial Design, and his team recently […]

December 9th

The Changed Face of Marketing

In 1953, almost 60 years ago, in his American Marketing Association presidential address, Professor Neil Borden of Harvard Business School, introduced the term “marketing mix” and in 1960 E. Jerome McCarthy supplemented that concept with the 4 P’s of Marketing. Ever since then, every student of marketing has learned the 4 P’s of marketing; Product, […]

December 1st

How to Make Black Friday Green

I’m a firm believer in voting with your dollars. One of the most effective ways to effectuate change is to voice your opinion by the way you spend your hard-earned money. If you want to support renewable energies, sustainable fabrics, green building or fair trade products – then buy them. You, and all those that […]

November 25th

Sustainable Business Strategies in a Recession

Maybe the title should instead read “How to Fail at ‘Greening’ Your Business”. Often times companies seem to approach “green” or eco-friendly as just another product attribute that can simply be added to packaging or website to reach the “green” consumer segment. In the rush to be eco-friendly, and due to the typical structure of […]

November 17th

Try the New, Green Web 3.0

With all the hype surrounding web 2.0, it seems odd that we are already talking about web 3.0, or what some are calling the semantic web. One of the key reasons driving the move towards a new web is the pending shortage of addresses. Both Google and Yahoo are moving towards the new semantic web, […]

October 27th

What to Look Forward to in 2009

I know it’s a little premature to be talking about 2009 but I wanted to beat the rush, so here are some of things we have to look forward to in 2009. Honda hybrid – Apparently someone finally convinced Honda that the ‘cover up half of the back tire’ look was downright ugly and so […]

October 2nd