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The Red Flags of Greenwashing

You’ve seen them on billboards, tv commercials, newspaper and internet ads: businesses claiming virtue by appearing to lighten their environmental impact. “Going green” may be the new trend but how can you discern genuine sustainable action from PR pranks? How can you tell which companies are walking the talk and which are just trying to open our wallets?

August 11th

Making School Lunches Healthier with Home Town Farms

Fighting childhood obesity, helping schools save money, and saving the planet with Ecopreneur Dan Gibbs. Childhood obesity is on the rise, and having a healthy school lunch is one way to fight this problem.  While many schools are working to improve their lunch programs, it’s not uncommon still to see pre-packaged and unhealthy foods piled […]

April 15th

CBS “EcoAd” Program Charged with Deceptive Greenwashing

Consumer and environmental groups yesterday sent a formal complaint to the Federal Trade Commission, asserting that the “EcoAd” program recently launched nationally by CBS/EcoMedia is in violation of federal law and the agency’s “Green Guides” for environmental claims. In the complaint, Ecopreneurist (I blogged about the EcoAd program in January) along with the Center for Environmental […]

April 12th

Worst Oil Spills Infographic (T Farrant) | Infographics Blog

This infographic compares the worst oil spills in history, taking into account not only size, but economic and environmental damage. Figures for the current spill in the Gulf of Mexico are estimates, and this infographic uses these estimates to put the current spill into historical perspective. Follow the link to see a blowup of the […]

March 29th

Sweetgreen Greens Fast Food

Looking for a model of good, green entrepreneurship? Well look no further than sweetgreen. Started by three entrepreneurial 24-year old Georgetown grads in D.C. in 2007, sweetgreen is reinventing fast food, turning it into a healthy, casual, sustainable alternative. Having eaten there many times, I can tell you that it’s addictive. It is a winning […]

February 28th

Bringing Lifecycle Thinking into Sustainable Design Free Webinar

Sustainable business in 2011 looks much different than it did just a few years ago. The majority of companies are now adopting rudimentary corporate responsibility stances, like tracking enterprise carbon or reporting on their social investments. This complimentary webinar and hear how leading companies are differentiating themselves through sustainable product and service design. Industry expert […]

February 14th

Secure TradeIn Prepared For Massive Verizon iPhone Switch

After months of speculation, the coveted iPhone 4 is now available through Verizon.  Market observers believe that Verizon could sell as many as 25 million of these gadgets in 2011 alone, as almost one-third of the company’s subscribers indicate that they will definitely switch to the iPhone this year. via Secure TradeIn Prepared For Massive […]

February 11th