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Organic Cotton Umbrellas From Stromberg

Stromberg Brand has been selling umbrellas since 1942, and is recognised as a leading manufacturer of umbrellas for the promotional products industry. This year Stromberg has enter the eco-friendly promotional products field with their first green umbrella, the Eco Umbrella – Automatic Folding #82ECO.

June 6th

Paper USB Drives Come to Market

Recycled paper seems to be the latest eco-friendly material being used by flashdrive manufactures in the promotional products industry. The new USB 2.0 Recycled Paper Drive GP from All-In-One is a sample of these new bodies, and I have seen similar ideas from other manufactures, including a tube style Papel Recycled Paper USB Flash Drive from Hirsch Gift.

May 14th

Sprout Eco-Friendly Timepieces

The mission of Sprout Eco-Friendly Timepieces is to simply “make the most eco-friendly watch we possibly can” and come from a company that has been in the business of making timepieces for over 50 years. They company also has an impressive list of claims supporting that mission statement.

March 12th