Author: Maryanne Conlin

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Eco-Eating Meets Foodie Culture

A series of new reports confirms an important trend for Organic and Natural products companies- yup – we’re going mainstream! The explosion of “Foodies” is driving an increased interest in natural and organic foods. As those interested in stretching their culinary horizons find both delicacies and the richer taste of sustainable food, the market has […]

September 12th

“Oh Yeah – We’re On Facebook” is Not a Social Media Strategy

While traditional brands suffer from this misconception as discussed in this great article in Venture Beat, for natural brands the missed opportunity to capitalize on the online green community is breathtaking.  Unlike the mass market of traditional brands, the green world lives and breathes online! Unless you live in enclaves like Portland/Boulder/ Marin, it’s easier […]

July 26th

3 Steps to Great Content Marketing For Green Brands

It’s the hot new buzz word and seems simple at a glance. But how does a green brand…or any brand for that matter put together a strong content marketing program that drives consumers to purchase.

Note that I said, “drive consumers to purchase”, not “drive traffic to the website”. Because website traffic is not the end goal and much of content marketing can be done outside of company properties.

July 9th

Four Steps For Social Media Success at ExpoWest

As the booths get unpacked, stations get prepared and materials unloaded the last thing on your mind at Expo West might be your social media strategy for the show. But with top brands, buyers and consumers in the natural foods industry all converging on Anaheim this week, there is no better time to reach this large audience of potential partners.

March 6th

50 Shades of Green

Deep green, light green, pistachio – the more being green becomes mainstream the harder it can be to exactly define the green consumer.Taking the time to define those consumers- how they live, where they get information, what drives them can provide insight and a much better idea of how to target your brand. No longer does the green consumer rule for green brands…unless you consider all of the different shades.

December 6th

Green To Grow On – An Obvious Conclusion

This of course leaves the deep green demographic in a quandary. What to do when your favorite green “hippie” brand goes mainstream? While this seems to be a question that marketers are pondering with great concern, I think it is perhaps overblown. There is a history of niche brands going mainstream. That’s more or less how this economy works. Smaller companies come up with great ideas. The idea gains traction. Big companies buy smaller companies in niche or start their own competition brand or small niche company hits the jackpot on their own and goes mainstream.

March 10th

The BigFoot of Climate Change

This is another  in our series of environmentally focused cartoons we are featuring from Seppo Leinonen a cartoonist from Finland. I met Seppo through Twitter @sepponet and loved his business oriented green cartoons – I think you will too!

July 4th

Eco Efficiency

This is another  in our series of environmentally focused cartoons we are featuring from Seppo Leinonen a cartoonist from Finland. I met Seppo through Twitter @sepponet and loved his business oriented green cartoons – I think you will too!

June 26th

Twitter For Trees

Today is UN World Environment Day and they are running a unique campaign on Twitter. I always like to see non profits use social media effectively and this is a great campaign being driven by the always active green group on Twitter. We previewed this campaign in the middle of May and now the day is here to help them reach their goal of 10,000 followers.

June 5th

Small Wonders- Promoting Green Entrepreneurs

Today the Center for Small Business and the Environment (CSBE) launched a new initiative aimed at the 111th Congress and the Obama Administration, reminding them that the best way to revive the ailing U.S. economy is to think green – green entrepreneurism that is.

June 2nd

Blowin In The Wind

This is the first in a series of environmentally focused cartoons we wil be featuring from Seppo Leinonen a cartoonist from Finland. I met Seppo through Twitter @sepponet and loved his business oriented green cartoons – I think you will too!

May 31st

5 Ways To Go Green On Linkedin

But for entrepreneurs and other freelance professional, Linkedin has always been a great spot to be. And there are quite a number of those active in the green world already there. So, if you haven’t yet joined or aren’t quite sure how to maximize your presence, here are a few tips.

May 26th

10 Ways to Change the World Through Social Media

This post is, in Rob’s words, part of a grand social media experiment to publish the first collective, simultaneous guest blog post from Max Gladwell. Our goal is for it be published simultaneously on 100 blogs, thus inspiring 100 simultaneous conversations from various points of view. We have more than 70 confirmed with some of the biggest and coolest in the blogosphere.

May 12th

Twitter Goes Green on #EcoMonday – 100 Plus Green To Follow On On Twitter

To keep the momentum going, Rob has also set up an @ecomonday account on Twitter, where you can look for the most recommended green Tweople to follow. @Ecomonday will only follow those that follow @Ecomonday and those who are recommended in the meme.

Rob told me a total of 230 people were recommended on this first ecomonday. I’d say it’s off to a great start! (Use the new sidebar Twittersearch on your Twitter page to find #ecomonday recommendations from last week or check out @ecoMonday)

May 1st

Social Responsibility Is There a Place For Lip Service

Brands across categories, but particularly in the natural products industry are choosing charities with which to align themselves. In most cases this is an exercise in determining what the brand will stand for. The bigger the brand, the larger the charity and the more thought is given to this exercise as seen in the almost perfect launch last year of Clorox Greenworks brand.

April 26th

Overdoing Earth Day

Though the groundswell has not reached anywhere near the proportions we’d like to see, that is, not everyone in the world is working their darndest to be greener; it seems Earth day has all the commercialism as, well Christmas. Christmas, you know that holiday that used to be a celebration for a certain religious group that has morphed into a commercial circus that leaves children of “not Christmas” religions crying for a tree?

April 15th