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Open Source Crowdfunding Software for Custom Campaigns

With more and more entrepreneurs and organizations embracing crowdfunding as a method for launching products or services, it’s only natural that alternatives to the current giants of crowdfunding, Kickstarter and Indiegogo, are cropping up. And while there are other choices, such as WeGiveWeGrow and Piggybackr, as well as niche-specific crowdfunding initiatives like Kiva Labs, WorthWild, […]

December 18th

What are the Benefits of a Home Automation System? (Infographic)

For those willing to add a little bit of technology and connectivity to their home, it’s a brave new world out there, thanks to a slew of recent innovations in home automation. By adding hardware components and software to connect them (and you) together, it’s possible to begin turning your house into a smarthome, which […]

December 15th

A turnkey scalable system for commercial urban farming

Opportunities abound for creating a sustainable business in the new food economy, and with the rising demand for year-round local organic produce, developing an urban farm could be one answer for an ecopreneur looking to help build a strong local food system and generate an income. But if you don’t have access to open space […]

December 11th

These women’s underwear are on a mission

We’re probably fairly aware of at least some of the issues that people in the developing world face, including limited (or no) access to clean water, as well as lack of sanitary facilities for going to the bathroom or washing up afterward. But unless you’re a woman, chances are you aren’t aware of another pressing […]

December 9th

Startup accelerator helps entrepreneurs solve big energy problems

A startup incubator in Somerville, MA, near Boston, is enabling entrepreneurs with potential solutions to our energy issues to prototype, test, and grow their ideas into full-blown businesses. Greentown Labs offers 24,000 square feet of space, both for prototyping and office space, shared electronics and machine shops, and access to other resources, including funding, to […]

December 4th

iDiya Challenge Boosts Indian Social Entrepreneurship

To help develop the fledgling social entrepreneurship movement in India, a student-driven initiative from the Indian School of Business is working to develop high impact self-sustaining social businesses through an annual social venture competition called iDiya. “iDiya is ISB’s national Social Venture Ideas Competition. It was conceived in 2009 at the Indian School of Business […]

November 29th

A Smart Water Meter that Powers Itself

In many parts of the developed world, water is fairly cheap, so conserving our water use may not yield a huge savings on our monthly water bill. However, our personal water bill only takes into consideration the direct cost of water to us, and not our related costs (to heat the water), nor does it […]

November 27th

Rugged and Secure Bike Lights are “Stupidly Bright”

For the bicycle commuter and recreational cyclist, riding without bright front and rear bike lights can be akin to gambling with your life, especially after dark and in inclement weather. And while there is no shortage of bike lighting products on the market, many of them suffer from the same weaknesses – the plastic bodies […]

November 26th