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When Launching a Startup, Location Matters

For some types of ventures, the location can make a big difference in their success, and it’s not only relevant in real estate and brick and mortar businesses, but many other kinds of startups as well. Factors such as the tax rate, the cost of living, and the available workforce, among others, can affect how […]

December 18th

Indiegogo Life: Crowdfunding Platform Opens to Personal Fundraising

Indiegogo now offers free crowdfunding campaigns for personal online fundraising: Indiegogo Life. The bigger crowdfunding platforms have traditionally been used for campaigns centered around a single product, project, or venture, and not those that are open-ended or personal in nature. That type of crowdfunding campaign offers its backers the right level of rewards, or perks, […]

December 15th

50 Ideas Shaping the Emerging EV Market

The emerging electric vehicle (EV) industry offers some great opportunities for entrepreneurs, not necessarily through building a new kind of EV (although that is one option), but rather by solving any of a number of problems, pain points, or inefficiencies of electric car ownership. Other opportunities can be found in improving or supplying EV components, […]

December 10th

Holiday Gift Guide Helps Introduce Engineering to Children

To inspire, educate, and entertain the next generation of engineers, inventors, and innovators, parents and relatives can help children get introduced to the concepts and design thinking of real-world engineering, and one way to do that is by giving them gifts that engage these abilities. To that end, the faculty at Purdue University’s College of […]

December 3rd

Crowdfunding a Road Legal Solar Car: Sunswift eVe 2.0

With everyone and their brother planning their own crowdfunding campaigns, in the hopes of raising enough cash to fund the further development or production run of their big idea, the crowdfunding environment is getting more and more crowded every day. Between wishful thinking, vaporware, and downright silly projects that get funded (or not), it’s easy […]

December 3rd

How to Keep Multitasking From Ruining Your Productivity

The myth of trying to increase your productivity by being busier and trying to cram more into your day can actually end up backfiring on you. Whether it’s by burning you out quicker because of trying to do so much, or through causing chaos in your life or business due to having too many commitments, […]

December 2nd

TimeBanking Invests Your Talents In Your Community

Gifts and donations of money and goods can be a helpful thing in the community, assuming you have it to give, but it doesn’t fix everything. Signing over a check can provide a bit of capital to finish a project or boost a campaign, which is often needed, but just making a financial transaction doesn’t […]

December 1st

Crowdfunding Not Working For You? Try This Alternative

The success that some people and projects have achieved through the booming crowdfunding industry can be a bit misleading, and might be responsible for some projects being launched way before they’re ready for primetime, because the allure of possibly becoming the next big thing may get in the way of doing the work necessary for […]

November 20th