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Landwasher Improves Hygiene: With Portability

Few of us ever think about how much toilets and sanitation are part of a healthy eco-system. Landwasher Corporation, established in 1999, is a prominent industry leader and group enterprise which produces intelligent, sanitized, well-maintained, affordable and environmentally friendly toilets. It is starting by providing China with a number of high-tech, green, quality products. Landwasher has […]

September 9th

Make An Impact By Funding Valuable Medical Treatments for People In Need with

In many parts of the world, medical treatments which are easily accessed and provided are very challenging to receive. enables you to directly fund low-cost high-impact medical treatments for people in need. Watsi connects you with patients in serious need of low-cost medical care and enables you to fund high-impact treatments. Watsi was started […]

September 3rd

What Do We Want? Innovation! When Do We Want It? Now!

Endeavor is a global nonprofit that transforms emerging countries by supporting High-Impact Entrepreneurs.

The Endeavor Effect is looking to create a culture of supported innovation and entrepreneurs which will provide global solutions to pressing social issues and a business eco-system which supports and sustains entrepreneurship. is a worldwide germination and support system for fostering entrepreneurship.

June 25th

Panzanzee Helps Incubate Successful Social Enterprises in Chicago

Panzanzee is Chicago’s social enterprise incubator, co-working space and continuous community. What is different and unique about Panzanzee from other co-working set-ups it the focus on sustainable financial and social impacts. They care about providing discovery, resources, trust and traction for entrepreneurs who are pursuing sustainable and socially impactful enterprises.

May 15th

Mother Nature’s Sons/Daughters Go Digital with Digital Green

Information and communication technology are effective tools for amplifying the effectiveness of development efforts across the globe for affecting sustained, social change.

Digital Green embraces this principle and has built a system which combines modern technology and social organization to improve the cost-effectiveness and broaden community participation of existing agricultural extension systems.

May 1st

It’s Electric! Fighting Poverty By Providing Sustainable Electricity

Husk Power Systems is a rural empowerment enterprise which focuses on inclusive rural development on the backbone of electric power.

Unlike other sustainable electricity efforts in the world, Husk Power Systems creates a self-sustaining ecosystem in the villages it serves. By doing this, it enable economic development along with environmental protection, providing physical well-being and strengthening rural communities.

April 22nd