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How Paperless Payment Systems Can Boost Sales

The average business does more sales with credit cards than with paper currency. Businesses realize the trend and make sure to offer their clients new ways that they can pay with their credit cards. The newest trend includes microchips installed in the credit cards called Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips which allow customers to simply […]

January 4th

5 Tips for Better Leads in the Green Industry

Maintaining a green business is extremely competitive. There are so many companies looking to gain the same sector of business. As a result it makes it extremely important to understand how to create the best leads possible. In the green industry, as in most businesses, lead generation is an important part of the ability to […]

November 19th

Social Media Offers Options to Promote Green Initiatives

Telemarketing has been around for as long as many of us can remember. Although it has seen its low points, it is still a tried and true method to help generate leads and contacts for just about any business. With new social medial sites, telemarketing is still being used with a little more support to spread the ability of a company’s marketing staff.

October 26th

How to Get the Financing You Need

Even the best ideas and products need financing and marketing. Choosing the right option to get financing depends on your business, what feels right to you, and what is best for the future of your company.

October 14th

Receive Credit Card Payments in a More Eco-Friendly Manner

The technical revolution has done a lot to help companies become greener in everything that they do. One of the most interesting ways is the utilizing electronic equipment. If you are a company which accepts payments through credit cards, there are a few things which can be unfriendly to the environment. First, you will likely […]

September 23rd

10 Hot Tips for Harried Salespeople/CEOs

Many people will find themselves at the helm of a business. This can mean making it where you are calling the shots in terms of day-to-day operations as well as making sure that all advertising is on track for the company. This can be a lot to juggle. While it is manageable for a while, […]

September 17th

Traveling With Green Style

Traveling for business can sometimes feel lonely and can be tedious if on the road a lot.  It also can become expensive for the employer.  But it doesn’t mean you have to give up environmentally friendly practices while on the go.  Many hotels are serving up eco-friendly options for their guests and even helping find […]

September 11th

Stimulus Money to Help Renewable Energy

If the world does indeed go on past 2012, the U.S. should see major stimulus money improve renewable energy efforts.  Vice President Joe Biden said on Tuesday, “Government stimulus spending has put the country on track to double renewable energy production capacity by 2012 and halve solar power costs by 2015.” “The report outlined a […]

August 28th

Saving the Planet One Postage Stamp at a Time

In the age of the paperless office, it is not shocking the United States Postal Service recently announced a $3.5 billion loss over the last fiscal quarter. This is a substantial loss which will cause significant ramifications in the world of sending and receiving mail. Many analysts agree the only way for the USPS to […]

August 25th

What Does Your Car Run On?

For years now it seems we have been inundated with alternative ways to power our cars.  Electric? Ethanol? Hybrid?  Whatever choice that is in vogue right now, it seems scientists are always on the look for the next big change for fuel. In a story reported by Fast Company, one such alternative is coming from […]

August 9th

Provision of Law May Reduce Use of Conflict Minerals

A provision to the Dodd Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act if passed, will, “require companies to report each year whether or not their products contain any conflict minerals.”  Conflict minerals are mined in Eastern Congo, and include, “cassiterite, wolframite, coltan, and gold, “according to Wikipedia. Many of these materials are used to […]

July 27th

Quick Tips To Make Your Company More Green

Besides the obvious environmental perks of implementing eco-friendly gadgets to the office, it also is a good PR move for your company.  Marketing your company as not only the best in your industry, but doing it eco-friendly can be very beneficial. Some companies won’t work with companies until they have been certified as green.  Obama […]

July 12th