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Discount on 3 Days of Green & Socially Conscious Business Profitability Training, May 22-24

As green and socially conscious businesses, so many of us struggle to… Market our green products and services Find new audiences Identify new opportunities to go green—and new products and services to offer Create win-win partnerships Profit while addressing the toughest problems of our time Ready for extra help? May 22-24, 2015, green/social change business […]

March 6th

Emergency Lighting: A Not-So-Obvious Necessity

The importance of emergency lighting isn’t something you often think of, until you really need it. When the lights go out, if the emergency lighting isn’t working, it can make a big impression on people’s minds, not only in terms of their physical safety, but in terms of their peace of mind as well. Not […]

December 1st

Small Business Owner’s Guide to Google AdWords Safety

Many small business owners use Google AdWords to promote their products and services. They’re great for advertising promotions or for boosting seasonal business. Most people assume that because these ads come from Google, they’re safe. Unfortunately, Google and other platforms that offer online ads, like Yahoo, have a history of being invaded by malware. By […]

November 25th

This Intelligent Trip-Planning App Helps You Travel Smarter

Efficient travel, whether it’s across the city or across the country, means getting to your destination using the least amount of money and time, and if you score things environmentally, then it also means contributing the least amount of emissions to our already overburdened atmosphere. There are a number of methods and apps for helping […]

October 10th

Container Homes for Purchase

The humble shipping container is something that is a common site all over the world, being used to carry a wide variety of different types of cargo. As well as being a versatile form of freight transport that is available in different sizes, these rectangular metal boxes are also being transformed into different types of […]

September 19th

7 New Approaches To Clean Drinking Water Technology

Water is the defining element on our planet, and access to clean water pretty much determines where and how life can exist on Earth. For those who live near dependable freshwater sources, with adequate infrastructure and enough of a supply to meet all local water needs, access to potable water isn’t a concern, but because […]

September 3rd

IKEA Launches Hypnotizing Time Travel Experiment

It’s no ordinary illusion. Together with hypnotist Justin Tranz, IKEA let young couples experience their future in a fascinating time travel experiment. In the experiment, world-renowned hypnotist Justin Tranz put a young couple in deep trance before they’re being exposed with potential life-changing events in advance. Guided by Tranz, the young couple embarks on a […]

August 22nd

Six Reasons To Go Solar

The sun is finally shining on solar energy. In the last few years, more and more households and establishments have adapted the use of photovoltaic (PV) systems. In the past year alone, users of PV systems grew by as much as 26% compared to the previous year. The primary driver behind that growth is the […]

July 29th