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Indian Social Entrepreneurs, Apply For Google Impact Challenge In India!

Google has just announced a wonderful opportunity for you Indian social entrepreneurs out there, “Google Impact Challenge in India.” Here’s a bit from the Official Google Blog: On the eve of India’s independence day, we’re celebrating the spirit of creativity and entrepreneurship of the world’s largest democracy by spotlighting the best local nonprofits that are […]

August 12th

What Do We Want? Innovation! When Do We Want It? Now!

Endeavor is a global nonprofit that transforms emerging countries by supporting High-Impact Entrepreneurs.

The Endeavor Effect is looking to create a culture of supported innovation and entrepreneurs which will provide global solutions to pressing social issues and a business eco-system which supports and sustains entrepreneurship. is a worldwide germination and support system for fostering entrepreneurship.

June 25th

Hook Me Up! – Connect For a Cause Does Just That

  Giving back for the greater good is something that makes everyone feel happy.  However, sometimes it can be challenging to connect the right movers and shakers with the right charitable organizations.  That’s where Connect for a Cause comes in.  They provide a social fundraising platform where social entrepreneurs and do-gooders of every stripe can […]

February 28th

Shift Your Paradigm to End Poverty

Can poverty truly be eradicated? Well, One Degree is a San Francisco based organization who thinks that: Yes! Poverty can be eradicated!

One Degree is revolutionizing the way people connect to social services and nonprofits. Their goal is to cause a complete paradigm shift and fundamental change in the way that people both use and approach nonprofit organizations. Starting with San Francisco, One Degree’s goal is to completely eradicate poverty.

February 25th

Panel Discussion on Tech + Non-Profits in NYC Feb 5

The largest marketplace of charity-made products, ‘Do Good Buy Us’ is hosting a panel discussion on how technology can help non-profits reach a wider audience and increase their impact. The company’s mission is to help anyone “do good” just by buying beautiful, often hand-made items that support the worthiest causes.

February 4th

A Gift of Service

A Gift of Service connects those who want to give help with those who need the help and those who provide it, giving them a way to provide housecleaning, babysitting, nanny service, handyman services, dog walking, or more. Have you ever had your life stopped in its tracks by a sudden crisis? Whether it is from illness, accident, a death in the family or one of life’s other challenges, most of us will run into a crisis at some point in our lives that throws us off the tracks. Anne Carey is building A Gift of Service for people to give help at times like this when it is needed the most.

January 24th

Bin Donated: Redefining the Charity Model Through a Triple Bottom Line Approach

Have you wondered what happens to the miniature, half-used shampoo bottles after your hotel stay? Do you have a better use for stationary at the end of the school year other than recycling or trashing? Millions of tons of useful items are sent to landfills every year while there are needy citizens with no access to them. What if the wasted but useful inventory was connected to charities helping these communities? No-brainer right? Right. Bin Donated is putting this common sense idea into practice.

June 25th