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EU Appetite for Wood Pellets Leading to Deforestation in Southern US

At a time when we’re well aware of the benefits of living forest ecosystems, in terms of not only mitigating the effects of air and water pollution, but also in recharging groundwater, storing carbon, serving as wildlife habitat, and perhaps even slowing climate change, it’s kind of silly to think of burning trees for electricity […]

August 13th

Duke Energy Tries to Kill Rooftop Solar

The dirty little tricks that big energy companies use to maintain their stranglehold over their customers, while continuing to pollute the very regions the serve, have now taken on a new twist. Duke Energy, whose operations were responsible for spilling 82,000 tons of coal ash into the Dan River, is now trying to run a […]

May 1st

Consumerism is Our Colony Collapse Disorder?

Rev. Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping were in San Francisco recently, and held an inspiring sermon for an attentive crowd at the Bayview Boat Club. The reverend’s passionate words of warning about the cataclysmic climate change catastrophe that…

April 1st

This Website Donates to Charity Everytime You Go Online

In principle, I think that just about everyone supports giving to charity, but in reality, most of us don’t make the effort to pull out the checkbook and donate some of our income to a charitable endeavor. But a new website aims to make it simple to donate to charity, and it doesn’t cost you […]

February 11th

Self Improvement Accountability Tied to Philanthropy: Promise or Pay

A key component to sticking with your self improvement goals is accountability, and a new social enterprise startup aims to help users put their money where their mouth is, by tying commitment to philanthropy and holding them financially accountable for their failure. Making commitments to self improvement programs, whether it’s a goal of eating better […]

January 14th