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ETHO Launches a Fossil-free Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF)

Yesterday Etho Capital, in partnership with Factor Advisors, a subsidiary of ETF Managers Group, successfully launched the world’s first diversified, socially responsible and fossil-free exchange-traded fund (ETF) on the New York Stock Exchange. The ETHO ETF is based on the Etho Climate Leadership Index (ECLI), an index of 400 companies announced in October that is completely […]

November 20th

Sustainable Investment is Better for the Planet– and Your Portfolio!

As it becomes increasingly clear that traditional investments and holdings in fossil fuel companies are going nowhere fast, smart investors and companies are divesting from fossil fuels and putting their money into more sustainable investments. In a recent post on Grist, author Ben Adler explains that while divestment is often thought of in feel-good, sustainability […]

October 29th

Impact Investing & Social Investment Directory: Invest With Values

If you’re an investor (or would like to be), and want to better align your money and your values, while still reaping the financial rewards of your investments, the growing opportunities in sustainable, responsible, and impact investing (SRI) can help ensure that you’re also making the world a better place with your investments. Thanks to […]

March 4th

Help Crowdsource the Most Sustainable Investment Fund on the Planet

If you’d like to help shape the direction of sustainable investments, without putting a dime of your own into the pot, here’s your chance. Oroeco, the company that believes that it should be “easy, fun, and rewarding to align our everyday lives with our core values,” is partnering with a few other like-minded organizations to […]

January 27th

Patagonia Invests $13M in Hawaiian Rooftop Solar Projects

What do you do to further your goal of using business to help solve environmental issues, when you already give back a percentage of your profits to environmental organizations, you’ve become a B Corp (benefit corporation), you’re convincing your customers that they can repair their old gear and that they don’t need your latest product, […]

October 20th

New Solar Investing Platform Connects Investors to Vetted Commercial Solar Projects

The launch of a new financing marketplace for commercial solar projects could make solar investing as easy as investing in the public markets, and give investors the healthy returns from renewable energy investments that many large institutional investors currently enjoy. Wunder Capital, a graduate of Techstar’s tech accelerator program, is essentially reimagining commercial solar finance […]

October 8th

Institutional Investors Are Key to Sustainability Progress

This TED Talk from Chris McKnett is a great short intro (about 12 minutes) to what he calls “the investment logic for sustainability” and which makes the case for investing in sustainability as a way of limiting future risk, and in essence, providing insurance for the long term. “… by investing sustainably we’re doing two […]

September 1st

Intro to Sustainability Investing

Instead of investing just for the sake of profits and a healthy return, the world of sustainability investing is also focused on the triple bottom line, where the social and environmental aspects of a business are as important as the financial side. “Sustainability Investing is often referred to as Socially Responsible Investing (SRI), Responsible Investing, […]

June 2nd

Retail Bonds – The Risk and the Rewards

Retail Bonds seem to be one of the most popular investment opportunities available in the UK Financial Services market right now, with small investors flocking to hop on the band wagon and earn themselves some ‘easy’ money. The London Stock Exchange (LSE) launched its Order Book for Retail Bonds (ORB) in February 2010, offering continuous […]

April 18th

Invest in America’s Largest Online Solar Marketplace

If you’re an accredited investor, and want to include clean tech and renewable energy in your investment portfolio, you might consider becoming a backer of a solar startup that has the potential to disrupt the business of rooftop solar power. Geostellar, considered to be America’s largest online solar marketplace, helps home and property owners analyze […]

January 22nd

New Year’s Resolution: Personal Divestment of Savings and Investments

This year, my New Year’s resolution is to divest my savings and investments from fossil fuels. Will you join me? Do the math: Climate change is a problem and it is still unclear whether we will adequately mitigate changes to prevent significant human suffering. Last summer, Bill McKibben, environmental activist and founder of, wrote a piece for Rolling Stone called “Global Warming’s Terrifying New Math” that became one of Rolling Stone’s most read pieces in their online history.

January 1st

Apply to Pitch to Impact Investors at Upcoming Investors Circle Events

If your company has a product or service designed to have a positive impact on the world by solving an environmental or social challenge, consider applying to pitch it to impact investors at one of these upcoming events from Investors’ Circle. Investors’ Circle has two exciting opportunities – Impact Spotlight: IC NYC (December 10th, 2013) […]

October 29th

How to Start Investing in Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is one of the most promising avenues when it comes to reducing pollution and waste for a cleaner planet and a sustainable future. So businesses looking to go green are naturally interested in exploring this option. However, not every company has the capital on hand to build a LEED certified facility, or even […]

September 10th