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The Rise of Cause Marketing – Target and Sears Win Halo Awards

The rise of social entrepreneurship has led to an increased interest in cause-related marketing by bigger and bigger firms. At this year’s Halo Awards, major retailers shone in the spotlight. The Halo awards, presented by The Cause Marketing Forum are awarded to the best crafted cause marketing campaign and include a variety of categories to […]

May 30th

A Practical Approach to Selling CFL in Developing Countries

How do you sell $2 CFL lightbulbs in Nicaragua, a country where the average monthly income is $60-$100? If you’re Llamadas Heladas, you do it by directly demonstrating the savings, and appealing to  their desire for reliable power. Let me back up. Nicaragua, especially in the rural areas, is a place that largely depends on […]

May 29th

First Steps to Greening Your Existing Business

Guest Post: Several months ago, Jennifer Kaplan contacted me to ask for more details about a post I had made about consumer attitudes toward green products. She teaches a market research course at Marymount University in Arlington, VA and is a partner in the marketing consultancy, Greenhance LLC. In the following post, Jennifer reports back […]

May 21st

Find Funding, Make Green Business Connections, and Inspire other Ecopreneurs on

Both for profit and non-profit businesses are led by ecopreneurs who are making the world a better place through their creative, innovative and ground-breaking enterprises. Lisa’s and my book, ECOpreneuring, features numerous “Ecopreneur Profiles” — including David Anderson, the founder and CEO of — along with many other brief summaries. But there are millions […]

May 7th

Want An Eco Trademark? Stand in Line

According to the report, Trends in Trademarks, applications for patents on trademarks, logos and taglines reached an all time high in 2007. And chief among the requests…those related to green business. New filings with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in 2007 topped 300,00 beating the previous record of 289000 in 2000, driven in part […]

April 27th