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How To Package A Green Product

We’re green entrepreneurs right? We eschew over-packaging. We skip the plastic overwrap. We limit the packing materials. We think reusable. But…will consumers pay for it? A recent Nielsen study shows that half of all US consumers would give up all convenience packaging if it would benefit the environment. 58 percent feel that packaging designed for […]

March 17th

Take your Business Off-Grid, or Become a Net Producer of Energy: Learn How at the MREA’s Renewable Energy Fair

All businesses have “variable expenses” related to energy, right? Not always. There’s nothing in the IRS tax code preventing businesses from investing in renewable energy systems (and energy conservation/efficiency) that allow these businesses to operate more efficiently, sustainably, and green. In fact, often there are tax credits and other incentives to encourage these kinds of […]

February 15th

Attack The Ingredient Not The Brand – Is Burt’s Bees’ New Campaign On The Right Track?

Burts Bees and their corporate parent, Clorox, will launch a new advertising campaign this month : Burt’s Bees will debut a breakthrough advertising campaign, “Natural Vs.” in early February 2008. Created to address confusion among consumers over what constitutes a truly natural product, …each (ad will) depict the difference between benefits of natural ingredients in […]

February 12th

Good Eco Entrepreneurs Don’t Greenwash

Growing green companies should tread cautiously when considering using certifications, marketing hype and eco claims on their product package. A great article over at Marketing Sherpa explains how you can avoid making some common green marketing mistakes. Hyping your business or products as environmentally friendly can attract eco-concerned consumers and boost overall customer affinity. But […]

February 7th

Using The Web to Build Your Green Business.

Benjamin Brown, the CEO of Web start-up feels that tapping social networking on the Web is the best way to build a business with an environmental slant. I’d have to say that we at Ecopreneurist agree. While most businesses focus on attracting mainstream media visibility, as we said here, often the best way for […]

February 7th

Ecotourism: The Business of Sustaining the Earth through Travel

After the mighty industrial military complex (the companies behind the missiles and the satellites to guide them), tourism is the world’s largest industry, according to the World Tourism Organization. While tourism is big business, much of the industry can be just as destructive as the other extractive industries (mining, lumber, agriculture), sometimes operating in the […]

February 2nd

Whole Foods Market: Bagging Profit for Purpose

What do you think about Whole Foods Market’s plan to bag disposable plastic grocery bags in their 270 stores on this coming Earth Day, April 22? Can corporations on the greener side of the aisle like Whole Foods Market truly put purpose before profit? I’m voting a cautious “yes.” Maybe the tides are slowly turning […]

January 28th

PR Tips For Green Entrepreneurs

There have been several articles on Public Relations blogs recently about the difficulty of promoting green businesses. In our current climate, thousands of organizations, big and small are trying to go, or appear to go green. Hundreds of websites are devoted to the eco movement; the mainstream media loves a green product story…and they have […]

January 22nd