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Before you open your doors, don’t forget these 6 things

For any business, whether it’s online or with an actual physical location, opening day is an exciting event, as all of the planning and work you’ve put into it are about to be put to the test, and with any luck, you’ll start attracting your first customers. But in working up all of the to-do […]

March 22nd

Google Releases Data On Its 2012 Carbon Footprint

Google’s 2012 carbon footprint was recently revealed by the tech giant as part of its annual report on the subject — for the sixth year in a row, Google has been effectively carbon neutral. Of course, that’s not to say that it isn’t the cause of quite a lot of actual carbon emissions, simply that […]

September 3rd

Tesla Motors Diversifying Its Battery Sourcing — Samsung SDI Will Likely Start Providing Batteries As Well As Panasonic

Tesla Motors is now in the process of diversifying its battery sourcing, according to recent reports — rather than sourcing the lithium cells used in the Model S exclusively from Panasonic, as has been the case, the EV manufacturer will soon be receiving batteries from some of Panasonic’s competitors, as well. A source “close to […]

September 1st

Tesla Opens Assembly Plant In The Netherlands

Tesla’s first assembly plant on the European continent is now open for business! The Tilburg Assembly Plant — located in the Netherlands, only about 50 miles from the port of Rotterdam — will now serve as the final assembly and distribution point for all Model S vehicles sold on the European continent. The plant will […]

September 1st

Tesla’s Norway Supercharging Gets Sparking

Tesla Motors today introduced its supercharger network of electric car chargers in Norway. Norway has one of the highest electric car ownership rates (relative to its population size) in the world. Constructing charging stations there would help thee early adopters and make prospective electric vehicle buyers more confident that they will be able to recharge whenever […]

August 30th

The business case for LED Lighting

It is fascinating to think about how many different types of businesses there are out there. Out of all of the goals these businesses have, there are two that virtually all of them share, to make and save money. Even though this is a truth about business, it often has a negative connotation to the […]

August 26th

How Going Camping Helps Me Be a Better Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs have all sorts of secrets for their success. Focus, stick-to-it-iveness, passion…even trust. What works well at one company may not work as well at another, and of course, and what works for one entrepreneur might not work as well for another. But in a recent study of empirical data cited in the Harvard Business […]

August 5th

Long-Term Green Business Initiatives

There are lots of ways to make your business more environmentally friendly. Some of these you can implement immediately, easily and cheaply – energy-saving light-bulbs, reducing unnecessary printing, turning appliances off when not in use, and so on.
Others are more complicated and may take a while to take effect and bring rewards, since they involve major investment or policies aimed at changing your employees’ environmentally unfriendly habits. Once you’ve implemented the quick wins, though, it’s worth thinking about these since over the long term they can bring substantial savings.

July 26th