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Berlin Gets Zero Packaging Grocery Store

It’s a shame that even the most eco-friendly food items tend to be over-packaged, and that even if the packaging can be recycled (which some cannot be), materials and energy have to be expended in order to manufacture and ship that packaging, which can also add to the transportation and resource footprint of the end […]

June 3rd

Why EcoMarketers Need Pinterest

By now, Pinterest is a household name. Everyone is on it, pinning their hearts out. Although the grow rate for 2013 isn’t predicted to be as dramatic as it was in 2012, it’s safe to say, Pinterest will be with us for a while. Whether you’re pinning tonight’s dinner recipe or checking out some gift ideas, did you know you’re helping to make Pinterest a valuable marketing tool? Now, Pinterest is driving more traffic than Yahoo! search. If you haven’t hopped on this valuable wagon yet, I suggest you do that now.

December 12th

Making “Green” A Part Of Your Product or Service Bundle

In many industries and demographic regions, companies find themselves in the less than desirable situation of competing on price because their product or service has become so common place and customers are so focused on it. When this occurs, it can be tough for a business to expand and gain market share without squeezing their margins to the point where it becomes unsustainable.
There is another option, however, and it is one that more and more business owners and managers are becoming aware of: product and service bundles. Bundling essentially means putting more than one product or service together into a single offering and it has the effect of removing you from the price arena where all your competitors are.

September 16th

5 Ways Etsy Fuels Entrepreneurs

Etsy the online marketplace for handmade goods is not only helping fledgling artists make money and popularizing the “buy handmade” movement. It is stroking entrepreneurs! This excellent infographic via Mashable sums up the impact that Etsy is having on small home entrepreneurs. What are the 5 ways Etsy fuels entrepreneurs?

July 10th

Webinar Today: Plastic Bag Reduction Strategies For Businesses and Communities

Ecopreneurist is teaming up with Scott Cooney of  & Inspired Economist to bring you a webinar series focussed on bringing sustainability into your business.  These webinars are completely free with no strings attached.  Today’s Webinar! Effective plastic bag reduction strategies, June 6th, 6pm EST/ 3pm PST What: Win-win plastic bag reduction strategies for businesses, consumers, and […]

June 6th

Think Inside the Box: The Conscious Box Helps Subscribers Vote with Dollars

Jameson Morris, Jesse Richardson, and Bjorn Borstelmann, the 20-something entrepreneurs sought to connect subscribers with small and large purpose-driven businesses working to make a difference on environmental and social levels. Thus the Conscious Box was born, the subscription service that delivers curated boxes filled with eco-friendly, fair trade, and organic goods right to subscribers’ doorsteps.

October 31st

Re-wrap Helps Revive Art & Sustainable Communities in Rural India

Can a company create upcycled textiles products, revive a community and preserve age-old design skills? A business with a vision surely can. re-wrap is one such self-funded UK based social enterprise established in 2002.

Their mantra is simple enough but one with tremendous impact!
Re-cycle and create re-usable textile products.
Re-claim traditional skills as contemporary design.
Re-invent the lives of artisans in India with hope and purpose.

One word- Powerful!

September 7th

Ecopreneur Interview Series: Still Hip Brooklyn

Part 21 in a series where Krates Ng (co-founder of Mokugift the ecard service) interviews fellow ecopreneurs.  Today, Krates interviews Gabby from Still Hip Brooklyn.  Still Hip is a funky resale boutique that carries children’s clothing from size 0 to 16. Not only that, Still Hip has a huge playspace where they offer classes, events […]

June 2nd

Ecopreneur Interview Series: Sustainable Life Solutions

Part 15 in a series where Krates Ng (co-founder of Mokugift the ecard service) interviews fellow ecopreneurs.  Today, Krates interviews Dianne Martz, co-founder of Sustainable Life Solutions.  Sustainable Life Solutions partners with electricity providers, and also market directly to consumers, to provide smart ideas and products to help people consume less energy and save money doing so. […]

May 9th

Sweetgreen Greens Fast Food

Looking for a model of good, green entrepreneurship? Well look no further than sweetgreen. Started by three entrepreneurial 24-year old Georgetown grads in D.C. in 2007, sweetgreen is reinventing fast food, turning it into a healthy, casual, sustainable alternative. Having eaten there many times, I can tell you that it’s addictive. It is a winning […]

February 28th

Connecting Consumers to Causes on BloomSpot

Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Emily Smith, Manager of Marketing and Business Development at BloomSpot, sharing her experience in using social media to help build a mission-based business initiative. BloomSpot is an online lifestyle magazine featuring the best restaurants, hotels, spas and more in SF, NY and LA. BloomSpot’s Community Circles program […]

August 31st

One Great Way to Support Green Startups: Think Inside the Box

Here’s an idea that comes from outside the green business world, but has much to offer us and I think should be repeated all over.

In London, KiosKiosk is a simple, powerful, powerfully fun idea: Create an attractive temporary space for upcoming (but ready to sell) businesses to be at, in a high traffic area. At no cost.

Backed by the London Sustainable Development Commission, businesses just need to submit a brief form describing what they’d like to use the kiosk for, when, and why they are a good idea for the KiosKiosk and vice versa.

While the KiosKiosk is focused on creative/design/arts/music businesses, such an idea could, and should be replicated for green startups, many of which, like any small company, may not have the funds or credit history to get a full fledged, full time space

June 19th

Interview with Carmen Spagnola of m

A Green Printer interview with Carmen Spagnola, entrepreneur and owner of m. 1. What made you want to start m? I started m because I was a frustrated consumer.  I decided that  if I want to have access to smarter, more beautifully designed, more  responsible products and amenities for my home and family, I was […]

June 10th