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Green Business Ideas: Bicycle Café Franchise

Some of the ‘brick and mortar’ green business ideas we’ve covered before can also easily be scaled down and modified into a mobile business, especially in those markets where there’s already a proven demand, as well as plenty of room for a unique small business to differentiate itself. It can be a huge advantage to […]

January 12th

Green Buildings Help Small Businesses Save Money

Investing a little more money upfront in your buildings and facilities in order to incorporate green building technologies and techniques can end up putting more money back in the small business owner’s pockets. Buildings that are energy and water efficient help to cut down the impacts on resources held in common (our air and water […]

January 7th

Bitcoin for Small Business: The Ultimate Guide

What’s all the to-do about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and why should small businesses and entrepreneurs care? Millions of Bitcoins are currently in circulation, companies such as Virgin and Overstock have begun to accept it as a form of payment, and even Yelp! is adding a “We Accept Bitcoin” attribute for business listings, but like […]

May 9th

How to Improve Your Chances at Success as a Small Business

Small businesses are infamous for their high failure rates. However, successful small businesses provide more than enough incentives for entrepreneurs in the form of profitability and job satisfaction. Individuals interested in entrepreneurial success have long roads ahead of them, but there are things that they can do to make their journey easier. Here are some […]

March 28th

Tesla Files Patent For Falcon-Wing Doors

The Tesla Model X, an electric crossover, was revealed a long time back. Reservations started in February 2012. Nonetheless, we just got word of a patent for which Tesla has filed an application, a patent for the crossover’s falcon-wing doors. Value Walk’s Michelle Jones writes: Spotted by Shane McGlaun of Slash Gear, the patent describes those falcon wing doors […]

September 23rd

Eco-Eating Meets Foodie Culture

A series of new reports confirms an important trend for Organic and Natural products companies- yup – we’re going mainstream! The explosion of “Foodies” is driving an increased interest in natural and organic foods. As those interested in stretching their culinary horizons find both delicacies and the richer taste of sustainable food, the market has […]

September 12th

Tesla Motors Diversifying Its Battery Sourcing — Samsung SDI Will Likely Start Providing Batteries As Well As Panasonic

Tesla Motors is now in the process of diversifying its battery sourcing, according to recent reports — rather than sourcing the lithium cells used in the Model S exclusively from Panasonic, as has been the case, the EV manufacturer will soon be receiving batteries from some of Panasonic’s competitors, as well. A source “close to […]

September 1st

Tesla Opens Assembly Plant In The Netherlands

Tesla’s first assembly plant on the European continent is now open for business! The Tilburg Assembly Plant — located in the Netherlands, only about 50 miles from the port of Rotterdam — will now serve as the final assembly and distribution point for all Model S vehicles sold on the European continent. The plant will […]

September 1st

Flowers for Dreams: Profit with Purpose

Studies have shown that the under-30 crowd values small, local businesses over big box stores. These same studies have also noted that many people in this generation would spend more money and be willing to pay more for the same service to a company who gives back to a community. So what happens when a business is created to earn profit and give back to the community? Dreams come true.

January 22nd

ALLOTINABOX: Grow Your Own Food in a Box

Have you heard about ALLOTINABOX? It might sound like that infamous Justin Timberlake/Andy Samberg holiday song from a few years back, but it’s way cooler. ALLOTINABOX is a “Grow Your Own” (GYO) company based in the UK. With a passion for sustainability, the environment, and helping people live a healthier life, ALLOTINABOX was born and […]

January 14th