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'Groupon Rewards' Hopes to Increase Repeat Business and Understand ROI

Enough has been written about Groupon and its business ideology, with many denouncing the idea as one that hurts small businesses in the long run. The biggest drawback was the complaint that the program does not bring customers back in most cases, creating an un-sustainable marketing plan. The company is trying to change that and is rolling out a new product called Groupon Rewards that tries to give merchants a way to increase customer loyalty. Merchants can sign up starting today and consumers will start seeing the rewards in October.

September 29th

Re-wrap Helps Revive Art & Sustainable Communities in Rural India

Can a company create upcycled textiles products, revive a community and preserve age-old design skills? A business with a vision surely can. re-wrap is one such self-funded UK based social enterprise established in 2002.

Their mantra is simple enough but one with tremendous impact!
Re-cycle and create re-usable textile products.
Re-claim traditional skills as contemporary design.
Re-invent the lives of artisans in India with hope and purpose.

One word- Powerful!

September 7th