Clean Energy

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Is This the World’s Fastest Solar Charger?

It’s really exciting to see the advancements being made in solar power over the last few years, especially in the small scale and personal solar charger industry, as they seem to keep getting smaller, more efficient, and more affordable. But how small can solar chargers go, while still being powerful enough to handle our mobile […]

May 12th

Duke Energy Tries to Kill Rooftop Solar

The dirty little tricks that big energy companies use to maintain their stranglehold over their customers, while continuing to pollute the very regions the serve, have now taken on a new twist. Duke Energy, whose operations were responsible for spilling 82,000 tons of coal ash into the Dan River, is now trying to run a […]

May 1st

New Method Converts Manure to Biogas at Half the Cost

One of the key pieces in building systems that are more sustainable is the idea of using waste as a resource, especially those waste products that aren’t avoidable. It’s one thing to reduce the amount of waste that gets produced from processes, but if there really isn’t a way to reduce that waste, which is […]

April 29th

Researchers Harvest Renewable Energy from Flushing Toilets

Finding new and different methods of harvesting renewable energy is a key component of building a more sustainable future, and while solar power, wind power, and ocean energy are often the focus of large-scale renewables research, it turns out that something that we take for granted, our toilets, could be used to also generate electricity. […]

April 16th

This DIY Wind Turbine Can be Built for $30

The two renewable energy sources that are easiest to take advantage of for the average person are solar and wind power, and while they might both seem to be complex in nature, the fact of the matter is that the sun and the wind can be harvested for home energy use without a huge investment. […]

April 14th

New Tablet-Sized Solar Charger is a Crowdfunding Hit

Solar power for mobile devices is the wave of the future, but many of the small portable solar chargers on the market aren’t big enough to efficiently power tablets and other gadgets that have a larger battery capacity, and they don’t often include an onboard battery pack for charging devices after the sun goes down. […]

April 9th

Ocean Energy Turbine Prototype Seeks Crowdfunding

When it comes to viable renewable energy sources, we’re all probably well aware of wind power, solar panels, and hydroelectricity, but there’s another option, and one that could potentially replace our dependence on fossil fuels and nuclear energy. The energy available from ocean currents has a big advantage over solar and wind power, in that […]

March 26th