Green Building

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This Nonprofit Provides Free Energy Audits for Small Businesses

One way for small businesses to green up their operations can be through choosing a renewable energy source, whether it’s a rooftop solar installation or the purchase of clean energy through their local utility. However, a much lower hanging fruit for small business sustainability initiatives, and one that can have a big positive effect on […]

February 13th

Super Bowl 2015 First To Be Played Under LED Lights

No matter what the outcome of Super Bowl 2015 is, the game itself will make history, because it will mark the first time that this iconic American game will be played under LED lights, which are promised to deliver “world-class” lighting for both the live spectators and those watching via HDTV broadcast. The University of […]

January 21st

Green Buildings Help Small Businesses Save Money

Investing a little more money upfront in your buildings and facilities in order to incorporate green building technologies and techniques can end up putting more money back in the small business owner’s pockets. Buildings that are energy and water efficient help to cut down the impacts on resources held in common (our air and water […]

January 7th

Net-Zero Is the Holy Grail of Commercial Green Buildings

It wasn’t that long ago that the term ‘green building’ was seen as something extra you did or tried to incorporate into construction in order to greenwash it or give it a ‘touchy-feely’ green aspect for marketing purposes. Because the general public doesn’t have a good grasp on what a green building truly is, I […]

September 30th

More Efficient Clothes Dryers Could Save $4 Billion in Energy Each Year

One incredibly common household appliance, the electric clothes dryer, is responsible for a whopping 2% of electricity consumption in the US, often consuming as much as the refrigerator, washing machine, and dishwasher combined. And while many other appliances have received much more attention, and therefore benefited from advanced energy efficiency technologies, electric clothes dryers have […]

June 12th

Green Roofs Can Help Reduce Stormwater Runoff by 30%

Green roofs, which incorporate living plants and soil into a building’s environment by using the roof of a structure as a growing space, is a great example of a sustainable building element that can efficiently serve more than one function in the environment, and can have benefits far beyond its own small footprint. By cooling […]

June 10th

6 Futuristic Building Materials to Watch

While some entrepreneurs and startups are pursuing lower-tech solutions for better and more sustainable building materials, such as mushrooms or hempcrete, many others are focusing on the cutting edge of materials science, and their developments are hoped to usher in a brave new world of high-tech construction and fabrication components. Ranging from the macro of […]

May 27th

Cellulose Nano-Fiber from Carrots is Twice as Strong as Carbon Fiber

Move over carbon fiber, there’s a new eco-friendly material that’s lighter and twice as strong, and is derived from agricultural and food processing waste. A Scottish sustainable materials company is on the verge of launching a revolution in renewable and eco-friendly nano-fibers, which could be the future of high performance coatings, composites, and threads. CelluComp’s […]

May 19th