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Upcycled Soda Can Watch Has Social Component

Designing products that incorporate upcycled components is a great way to reduce waste and raw material demands, and when combined with a social mission, can be the core of a great model for eco and social entrepreneurs. That’s what Alchemist Creations is doing, and their previous products, the Can Carry series, is a really neat […]

June 10th

Dell Partners with Newlight to Use Carbon Negative Packaging

Instead of using petroleum-based plastic packaging, Dell is planning to use an innovative carbon negative packaging in a pilot program in the US, which will help the computer company get one step closer to their goal of 100% sustainable packaging by 2020. The efforts are part of Dell’s ambitious sustainability plan, which also incorporates a […]

May 21st

Liven Up the Office with a Little Natural Greenery

Is your office (or home office) feeling stuffy and unhealthy? Are you looking to add a little color and style to your surroundings? It turns out that many modern buildings, with their sealed indoor environment and insufficient ventilation systems, can actually be unhealthy for us, and the simple act of adding some living plants to […]

February 20th

Design a Shade for Panasonic’s 100K Solar Lanterns Project

As part of Panasonic’s ongoing 100 Thousand Solar Lanterns project, which aims to distribute solar powered LED lanterns to off-grid communities, the company has launched a design contest that seeks to bring more awareness to the challenges and issues faced by many people around the world. For those of us in the hyper-connected and über-electrified […]

December 31st

This Portable Micro-Office Can Go With You

For the modern entrepreneur, being able to have a home base, while also being able to move that home or office with you when it’s time to pick up and go, might be the perfect balance for the nomadic lifestyle. And if you’re the owner of one of these portable homes from Ábaton Arquitectura, you […]

November 20th

Mobile Foundry Turns Aluminum Cans into Furniture

In some places, such as São Paulo, Brazil, a good portion of the recycling is done by independent waste collectors, or catadores (“pickers”), and a novel project aims to create a method for extending the livelihood of these waste pickers to go beyond just simply collecting trash and recyclables. The project, from Studio Swine, is […]

November 4th

Rethinking the Velocipede with an Electric Drive and High-Tech Materials

As the first viable pedal-powered machine on two wheels, the velocipede, or “bone-shaker”, made waves in personal transportation by allowing people to get off their feet and off their horse, while still traveling efficiently. And although the early models were not very comfortable or efficient, they stood as a testament to innovation and creativity, even […]

October 30th

Elaico Brings Intimate Touch to the Internet

In our über-connected world, visual and audio stimuli are easy to experience and share, most of the time with just the click of a button. However, there really isn’t a way to reach out and actually touch another person across the internet, and a solution to that could make a big difference in staying connected […]

October 23rd

Mushroom Materials Take Top Honors at 2013 Buckminster Fuller Challenge

Buckminster Fuller once said (and is often quoted as saying) “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” One company has exemplified that ideal with their innovative eco-materials, and taken top honors at the 2013 Buckminster Fuller Challenge as a result. […]

October 23rd

Ekotrope Helps Builders Make Cost-Effective Energy Design Decisions

When it comes to building energy efficiency, every little bit counts, but the best gains can be had by designing it in at the planning stage for new buildings and renovations. This startup believes they have a quick and simple solution to that, by helping architects, designers, and renovators to easily calculate and visualize the […]

October 7th