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Closed-loop Hydroponics: The Urban Answer to Agrihoods

    In the history of urban planning, one of the hallmarks of American society was the advent of the modern suburb. The economic expansion post-World War II saw a mass exodus from traditional urban areas to the seemingly endless expanse of land in the continental US. Neither urban nor rural, suburbs quickly became the new American normal. […]

September 24th

Urban Metabolism and Re-Nuble

In the three years since I founded my own company, I have learned that linkages are borne out of the unlikeliest of places. Five years ago, I was sitting with my colleague, Ranjith Annepu, discussing an idea Karl Marx first introduced – urban metabolism. Urban metabolism studies cities as if they were organisms, which exchange […]

August 31st

What Do You Want To See On a Green Jobs Website? [Survey]

Last week, I mentioned the fact that our parent company, Important Media, is launching the best green jobs website ever. An Indiegogo campaign is currently running to raise funds to fully develop and release this green jobs portal, and pledges to that campaign are greatly appreciated. But there’s another way you can help out, which […]

April 10th

Help Build the World’s Best Green Jobs Website

Our parent company, Important Media, is working on a great project that has the potential to make a real difference in the world. And although it’s not a new kind of electric vehicle, or a radical clean energy innovation, or even a better mousetrap, it is a venture that may open up a world of […]

April 3rd

Dell Honored as Circular Economy Pioneer at Davos

Dell, the IT company that aims to leave “a legacy of good“, has been leading the way toward more sustainable packaging in the tech industry, starting with its own, and partnering with organizations such as Goodwill for its e-waste collection program, but a recent award focuses on Dell’s contribution to the circular economy. At the […]

January 27th

TimeBanking Invests Your Talents In Your Community

Gifts and donations of money and goods can be a helpful thing in the community, assuming you have it to give, but it doesn’t fix everything. Signing over a check can provide a bit of capital to finish a project or boost a campaign, which is often needed, but just making a financial transaction doesn’t […]

December 1st

Is Bitcoin Better Than Gold? Wences Casares Thinks So.

Bitcoin, along with just about any digital currency, is one of those concepts that you either get right away or you don’t. You either see the value in cryptocurrency, and its potential applications, or you’re convinced that it’s all a shell game, and ignore it as something that really only appeals to those buying and […]

September 3rd

Does the Farm to Table Movement Really Help Small Farmers?

With the growing emphasis on serving locally grown and produced food in restaurants, the farm to table movement seems like it would be a big positive influence on small farmers, but is that really the case? If you read any of the inspiring stories of small farmers and food producers that have found the right […]

August 22nd

Sharing Economy Advisory Network Formed to Identify Regulatory Challenges

The emerging sharing economy, which includes not just peer-to-peer sharing, but on-demand rentals of many items that have historically been owned by an individual rather than shared, such as cars, bicycles, office space, houses, etc., has quite the potential as a gamechanger in the coming years. Using the sharing economy framework, individuals, businesses, and organizations […]

August 14th