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Biking For Profits

REI sees bike sales skyrocket reads a recent headline. When established bike manufacturers gear up, ecopreneurs can cash in. Driven by an increase in gas prices, as well as, growing awareness of the impact all those cars have on the environment more and more people are dragging out their bikes for more than just a […]

July 24th

Ecopreneurs: We Must Be the Change

As going green becomes more and more popular, it seems that everyone is jumping on the bandwagon. Consumers want more sustainable options for all their needs, and companies are beginning to listen. Or are they? Maybe I’m just a little paranoid, but I don’t tend to trust the megalithic corporations that have so much power […]

June 20th

Worried About The High Cost Of Green Products? Inflation Will Help

One hurdle that many companies selling green goods face is convincing consumers to pay the difference between conventional and green or organic products. Recent health scares and increased interest in saving the planet aside, a recent article quoting a LOHAS survey states: …many consumers’ purchasing patterns are affected by the phenomenon of trading up: a […]

June 16th