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Its a Bummer to Care About the Environment Right Now

I just got an email from Gillian Caldwell who recently stepped down “after three wonderful years” as Campaign Director for 1Sky a great grass-roots environmental organization. I’m not surprised, though. I guess its a bummer to care about climate change right now. One could argue that it should have been a great time to be […]

October 19th

New Study: Clean Energy Standards Barely Impact Small Business

Much has been written, including by myself, about the fact that small business organizations range form neutral to hostile on green issues.  There is a perception that environmental progress will cost small businesses resources they don’t have. The truth is that not much research has been conducted to prove or disprove that notion. Yesterday a […]

October 7th

The Catch-22 of CSR & Economic Recovery

This is a guest opinion post by John Friedman. True economic recovery in the United States is caught in a Catch-22. The economy is stuck in ‘neutral’ while employers hold off on job creation until consumers start spending again, while consumers (particularly those who are out of work or fear for their jobs) are not […]

August 26th

Entrepreneurs Beware: The NFIB Is Wrong on Prop 23

I just moved to California two weeks ago, but it didn’t take me long to learn about Proposition 23, big oil’s (aka. Tesaro and Valero) efforts to try and buy overturn — or ‘suspend”— the 2006 landmark state law that mandates big reductions in greenhouse gases, AB 32. It turns out that one of the […]

August 9th

Where are the Green Jobs? Andy Grove Thinks He Knows

If you didn’t read Andy Grove’s “How to Make an American Job” on, I want to bring it to your attention. Green is only one part of building a sustainable business and certainly a socially responsible one. Employment and community development are important values to optimize as well. Labor activists, social entrepeneurs, local government […]

August 5th

Data Can Make Us Greener

At the recent Cleantech Open conference, a theme that emerged was the potential for distributed data to help us all be greener. By having relevant data pushed to us on our smartphones or other mobile gadgets, we might make better choices. And, of course, companies providing that data might make some money. The first area […]

July 26th

Social Entrepreneur Boot Camp in San Francisco August 21-22

“I hate this job.”  Ok, sure.  Most jobs aren’t quite this bad, perhaps, but how many people do you know who really dread going to work?  One of my favorite movies, Office Space, has a character, Peter, who laments to his therapist that every day he goes to work is worse than the day before, […]

July 19th

12 Ways To Make The People's Stimulus Green

I just read about the People’s Stimulus Package and am impressed.  Started by an Alabama pharmacist who thought his little town need its own stimulus, he gave his employees $700 bucks each ($300 to part timers) in $2 bills.  All he asked is that they give 15% to a charity and to spend the rest […]

July 28th

Rampant Opportunity In The Midst Of A Recession

Editor’s Note: The is a guest contribution by Danny Kennedy, President of Sungevity. This is part of a series from the CEO’s of major solar companies. You can follow the complete series here. Sometimes it is hard to contemplate what a good news story our industry – solar sales and installation – and the broader clean […]

June 26th

Building a Solar Company in a Recession Economy

Editor’s Note: Jeff Wolfe is the co-founder and CEO of groSolar. This is the second post in a series from the CEO’s of major solar companies. The first post was by the CEO of SolarCity, Lyndon Rive. You can follow the complete series here. [social_buttons] groSolar operates in the downstream solar market. We are affected by […]

May 7th

Sustainable Industries Economic Forum to Feature Ray Anderson, Several Other Ecopreneurs

The Fourth Annual Sustainable Industries Economic Forum will feature ecopreneur Ray Anderson, founder and Chairman of Interface, a company specializing in sustainable carpets and other industrial products.  The event will showcase a panel discussion with rock stars of the green business world, representing a broad swath of green industries.  The timely discussion for this year’s […]

May 6th

Green Architecture and the Future of Building

There may be few occupations that have more opportunity to incorporate sustainable choices into their products, services, and day-to-day operations than architecture.  The market for green building has cooled down along with everything else, but it seems inevitable that it will replace its traditional counterpart faster than most other sustainable industries.  Organic foods, for example, […]

March 16th

Are Unions Good or Bad for Ecopreneurs?

The Middle Class Task Force held its first meeting in Philadelphia and the focus was on green jobs. VP Joe Biden headed the task force and was joined by several cabinet members and…Leo Gerard, president of United Steelworkers. But where was a green small business representative? I first noticed that organized labor had a big […]

March 9th

Going for the Big Fish–Is Now the Time?

A recession such as we’re in can be a rough road for entrepreneurs.  Conventional logic says to batten down the hatches and prepare for a long, cold winter.  Conventional logic, however, is for conventional thinkers.  You’re an eco-entrepreneur.  So ride the horse that got you here and think outside the box.    In your pool of […]

February 27th

What’s in the Green Stimulus Package for Social Entrepreneurs?

A jolt for the green economy?  Perhaps ‘catalyst’ would be a better description for the economic stimulus package signed into law by Barack Obama. Barack Obama won his first legislative battle with the Republican minority in congress and passed the Economic Stimulus package he feels is needed to jumpstart America’s economy.  The package includes money […]

February 18th

Call Your Senator Today For Free

The Senate is working on the economic recovery package passed by the House. This is a pivotal opportunity to invest in green projects like public transit and energy efficiency, which will jump-start our economy lay the foundations of a new, clean energy America. 1sky made it easy for you to call Washington–at no cost to you!

February 5th

Green Jobs Go to Capitol Hill

Today people representing our interests—but who do not necessarily have paid lobbyists like big oil and the auto manufacturers—get to lobby in Washington, to make a difference. And, ecopreneurs stand to be huge recipients of green jobs policies and legislation. Many of the issues lobbied for today would mean more incentives, funding and support for you.

February 4th