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What to Look Forward to in 2009

I know it’s a little premature to be talking about 2009 but I wanted to beat the rush, so here are some of things we have to look forward to in 2009. Honda hybrid – Apparently someone finally convinced Honda that the ‘cover up half of the back tire’ look was downright ugly and so […]

October 2nd

How Do You Really Know Web Conferencing Saves Resources?

It’s been said many a time that one way to reduce a company’s footprint is by using web conferencing tools rather than flying everybody to meet in person. Noble, efficient and potentially cost saving as that is, there’s one problem: There’s been no way to quantify just how much of a difference it’s actually making. […]

September 18th

Bad News For Green Builders? Not So Fast

The collapsing housing market has wreaked havoc in a variety of industries. Everyone from realtors, to mortgage bankers to builders has seen lay-offs and steeply declining sales. The savviest of the group have realigned their businesses to go after the new markets a recession creates or focused on smaller, still growing niche markets. For builders […]

August 14th

Are Green Collar Jobs Affected by the Shaky Economy?

It seems no matter where you look these days, there’s bad news about the US economy. Does that extend to the budding green collar jobs market as well? Yes and no. I spoke to Nick Ellis, Managing Partner at Bright Green Talent, a US/UK based recruiting agency with a focus on green jobs, and a […]

July 24th

Biking For Profits

REI sees bike sales skyrocket reads a recent headline. When established bike manufacturers gear up, ecopreneurs can cash in. Driven by an increase in gas prices, as well as, growing awareness of the impact all those cars have on the environment more and more people are dragging out their bikes for more than just a […]

July 24th

Ecopreneurs: We Must Be the Change

As going green becomes more and more popular, it seems that everyone is jumping on the bandwagon. Consumers want more sustainable options for all their needs, and companies are beginning to listen. Or are they? Maybe I’m just a little paranoid, but I don’t tend to trust the megalithic corporations that have so much power […]

June 20th

Worried About The High Cost Of Green Products? Inflation Will Help

One hurdle that many companies selling green goods face is convincing consumers to pay the difference between conventional and green or organic products. Recent health scares and increased interest in saving the planet aside, a recent article quoting a LOHAS survey states: …many consumers’ purchasing patterns are affected by the phenomenon of trading up: a […]

June 16th