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Home Exchange Program Offers Affordable Vacation Options

Instead of paying out the big bucks to stay in a hotel for your next vacation, while also needing to arrange for a house-sitter for your own home while you’re gone, you might want to consider a home exchange, which can take care of both of those concerns at the same time. A home exchange […]

July 15th

Uber & Goodwill Partner to Spring Clean Your Closets

It’s great to see collaboration between two radically different types of organizations, with the end result being a win-win situation for both of them, while also serving to meet a common need in the community. Uber is teaming up with Goodwill tomorrow, May 3rd, and making it easy to spring clean closets while supporting an […]

May 2nd

One answer to food deserts might be this innovative greenhouse system

A group of environmentally conscious entrepreneurs wants to bring fresh, local, organic food to backyards and communities around the world, and they’re doing it with a specially designed greenhouse system described as a “self-contained, year-round, all-natural grocery store.” The lifePOD system is a moveable greenhouse structure with a full array of complementary growing technologies that […]

April 24th

The real power of Bitcoin is as a new kind of payment network

There’s a lot of talk about the importance of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin as an alternative currency, but as Ezra Klein of Vox explains, the real revolution of Bitcoin is as a new kind of payment network, and one that’s outside the conventional ‘big profit’ networks with loads of restrictions on them. And as an […]

April 24th

A Local Cryptocurrency for the Global Permaculture Movement

The use of cryptocurrency to support alternatives to the status quo is picking up steam, and while we’ve previously covered one that is backed by solar energy, one chosen by the Lakota, and another for the marijuana industry, this new digital currency promises to be the “first true asset-backed cryptocurrency on the market.” The name […]

April 10th

Book a Private Space to Work or Relax with Breather

When you’re away from your office or home, but need a quiet and private space to get some work done, or a place to relax and recharge before your next appointment, a new service could help you find a comfortable and well-equipped spot to grab some peace and quiet. If you need a temporary space […]

March 7th

Get a Career Boost by Polishing Your LinkedIn Profile

Are you reaching for the next step in your career in 2014? One of the most essential tools for boosting your career is LinkedIn. Not only does it help you create a strong, vibrant network of connections, LinkedIn helps you communicate who you are, what you’ve done, and what you can offer. Think of your […]

January 14th

Google Releases Data On Its 2012 Carbon Footprint

Google’s 2012 carbon footprint was recently revealed by the tech giant as part of its annual report on the subject — for the sixth year in a row, Google has been effectively carbon neutral. Of course, that’s not to say that it isn’t the cause of quite a lot of actual carbon emissions, simply that […]

September 3rd

Tesla Opens Assembly Plant In The Netherlands

Tesla’s first assembly plant on the European continent is now open for business! The Tilburg Assembly Plant — located in the Netherlands, only about 50 miles from the port of Rotterdam — will now serve as the final assembly and distribution point for all Model S vehicles sold on the European continent. The plant will […]

September 1st

Earth Overshoot Day Means Humanity Is Bouncing Our Ecological Checks

Anyone who has had their own bank account knows this simple equation: withdraw more than you’ve got, and you’ll overdraw your account and start owing people money. Unfortunately, it looks like the Earth is officially bouncing its ecological checks as of today – Earth Overshoot Day – the approximate day our resource consumption in a […]

August 21st