Green Business Ideas

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Green Business Ideas: Gift Basket Service

Even people who don’t normally choose to buy organic, local, or sustainable products for themselves may still opt for buying a gift basket full of these types of goodies for baby showers, wedding presents, birthdays, holidays, and more, so starting a gift basket service that caters to the green consumer can be a great green […]

February 11th

Green Business Ideas: Used Books Vending Machines

If you look around at your fellow passengers on your morning or evening public transit commute, chances are you’ll see a number of people with their eyes glued to their smartphone or tablet, reading the latest news or catching up on Facebook or updates from their favorite blogs. But you’ll probably also see quite a […]

February 10th

Green Business Ideas: Organic Food Delivery Service

Interest in eating healthier, and in supporting organic food producers and local farmers, is higher than ever before, so this green business idea capitalizes on that trend and helps to make it easier for people to eat organically grown and produced foods, without having to leave their house. If you love helping people to make […]

February 7th

Green Business Ideas: Used Bicycle Retailer

Helping to make our transportation habits more sustainable is one way to a greener world, and getting people on bicycles for their daily commute and errands, or just for fun and fitness, could be a great green business idea for bike enthusiasts. And while bicycles are an extremely efficient mode of transportation, new bikes aren’t […]

February 5th

Green Business Ideas: Food Plant Nursery

While every nursery and greenhouse carries a lot of ornamental and landscape plants, not very many specialize in food plants, except for the spring garden season, so a nursery that focuses on plants that can feed people can fill an important gap in the market. If you enjoy growing edible and food-producing plants, and empowering […]

February 3rd

Green Business Ideas: Pedicab Company

If you love riding your bike, interacting with people, and being able to work outside and set your own hours, then one green business idea to consider is starting a pedicab company. Depending on your location, a pedicab ride can appeal to customers in different ways, whether it’s being able to choose a fossil-fuel-free form […]

January 30th

Green Business Ideas: Restaurant Food Delivery Service

If you like fast-paced tasks, a diverse work environment, being out and about while getting paid, and food (but not making the food) then starting a restaurant food delivery service. This green business idea can be as eco-friendly as you want to make it, whether you’re doing bicycle deliveries or using an electric vehicle, or […]

January 28th

Green Business Ideas: Green Bed and Breakfast (B&B)

While acting as a host for guests, or providing home-cooked meals, may not come naturally for some people, others may find it to be a natural fit, and enjoy catering to the eco-conscious and green traveler community. For eco-entrepreneurs that enjoy working in the hospitality industry and interacting with and providing for both business and […]

January 21st

Green Business Ideas: Green Wedding and Sustainable Event Planner

Large social events, from weddings to conferences to parties, tend to come with a big carbon footprint, and while some of that is unavoidable, it is possible to plan more sustainable events, including green weddings, low-impact conferences, and eco-friendly celebrations. If your strengths include logistics, the ability to coordinate the activities of multiple suppliers and […]

January 20th

Green Business Ideas: Permaculture and Urban Farming

Green business opportunities abound in permaculture design, urban farming, and local food production, whether it’s producing veggies and fruit in your backyard (or leasing the yards of others) or turning local produce into value-added products or helping others convert their yards into food forests. If you’ve got a green thumb, love working outdoors, want to […]

January 15th

Green Business Ideas: Personal Trainer & Diet Planner

We see stories in the news everyday about the sorry state of personal health, especially in developed countries, including the trends of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and other related effects that declining health can have on the body. But along with those health issues, there is a growing interest in getting fit and healthy and […]

January 10th

Green Business Ideas: Biodiesel Cooperative

With the growing interest in alternative fuels, one possible green business idea that combines recycling of resources with a product that is constantly in need (fuel) is a biodiesel cooperative or biodiesel processing facility. 1. What is a biodiesel co-op? Biodiesel is an environmentally friendly (renewable), typically domestically produced, and healthier¬†alternative to traditional diesel fuel.¬† […]

January 6th

Green Business Ideas: Energy Efficiency Auditing

Beyond reducing energy consumption for buildings and businesses because of environmental concerns, boosting the energy efficiency of companies, homes, and organizations can also help them to save money. For those with an aptitude for math, building and construction, and energy issues, starting an energy efficiency auditing company could be a great green business idea. 1. […]

January 3rd