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Eight Eco-friendly Office Tips

  Individually, we don’t do much damage our world and its environment but when everyone is careless with precious earth resources, the cumulative effect is massive. It doesn’t take much effort to change and adopt the attitude that we should never throw away things we can still recycle. Here are eight quick and easy tips […]

Mold From Hurricane Sandy? “Four Ds” Help Homeowners Clean Up, Remove and Prevent Mold

Sandy’s water surge brought 13.88 feet of high water at the Battery in New York Harbor and devastating damage to life and property across New-York, New Jersey, Maryland and Philadelphia. Now that Sandy’s flood waters have receded, the problems facing homeowners have not. Another serious Sandy side-effect is a a threat to more property damage, health, not to mention additional clean-up costs. Mold.

December 4th

The Paperless Office: Will it Ever Really Happen?

One of the biggest issues preventing the wide-spread adoption of a paperless office is old habits. People are simply accustomed to using paper for a variety of things. While new technologies are emerging daily, they take time to gain acceptance and mainstream popularity.

Original paperless office systems were technical, expensive and required extensive chances and planning within the office. Newer systems are streamlined, easy to use and simple to set up. While the paperless office might not be the main way of operating a business in the next month or year, it is closer to reality than ever before.

June 22nd

Books: Good for the Mind/Bad for the Environment? How Reusing Books Creates Value in Your Community

With over a million new books published in the U.S. each year1 one might think that getting your hands on a good book wouldn’t be too hard, despite the growing popularity of e-readers. But the truth, as they say, can sometimes be stranger than fiction. Organizations focused on building literacy in underserved areas, such as schools, libraries and non-profits can benefit greatly from books – even gently- used ones – but may have trouble obtaining them.

Discover Books (formerly Thrift Recycling Management), encourages people to consider repurposing their books for the benefit of others. Based in the Seattle, Washington area, we are a book collector, online reseller and a socially-minded organization dedicated to the ideal that where books are concerned, reuse is the best possible form of recycling. By reselling, recycling or charitably redistributing books, our company ensures that millions of otherwise good books are treasured, not trashed.

Owners of Electric Cars Can Save $750 to $1,200 a Year

A report released on Monday by the Union of Concerned Scientists circulated by Reuters has confirmed that electric cars are cheaper to run than gas powered cars as well as being less polluting. The report shows that ‘Drivers should feel confident that owning an electric vehicle is a good choice for reducing global warming pollution, cutting fuel costs, and slashing oil consumption,’ said Don Anair, a senior engineer on UCSs clean vehicles program.

Renewable Energy: UK versus USA

Previously both the UK and USA sat high in the PEW Research Centres annual report on investment in renewable energy. However, last year both countries dropped down the pecking order. What went wrong and with the latest report just around the corner does it look as though their standings will improve?

February 26th