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How to Reduce Your Paper & Printing Footprint (Infographic)

Depending on the type of business you’re in, you may have already started to move away from using so much paper every day, through judicious use of electronic documents and digital assets, or through moving to a cloud-based file system instead of paper files, but for far too many companies, the promise of a paperless […]

March 6th

The Costs of Electric Cars: Upfront Costs vs Long-Term Savings

If you’re anything like many of us in the green business scene, then making the leap from buying fuel-efficient vehicles to considering the purchase of an electric car for yourself or your business isn’t a very big one. The long-term fuel (and environmental) savings can be quite considerable, which helps bolster the economic argument for […]

November 14th

How 3D Printing is Shaping the Future of Business (Infographic)

3D printing was once solely the realm of prototypers and custom fabricators, but that is rapidly changing, due to the virtual explosion of affordable 3D printers on the market, and the adoption of easier-to-use software that controls the devices. This 3D printing revolution is changing the future of business, as even small companies and startups […]

June 2nd

Can We Feed 7 Billion People?

Our food system is inherently flawed. Food wastage and hunger are prevalent in both first world and developing nations, though underlying reasons for them are different.

Inspired by a recent Wall Street Journal article written by Anna Lappe and Danielle Nierenberg, Sustainable America has created this visual representation of the food waste problem in developed and developing nations while millions go to bed hungry. What are some solutions?

January 30th

How to Compost Year Round in Your Apartment

According to the EPA, the single largest component of solid waste reaching landfills in the U.S. is food waste where decomposing food becomes a significant source of methane. Composting a big way we can reduce food waste going to landfills, but many people are hesitant to give composting a try, because they live in smaller space and not sure about composting in an apartment. The folks at Sustainable America show us how it’s completely possible and relatively easy to compost in a small amount of space!

January 12th

An Infographic on Green Manufacturing Over Time

As we progress into the next year of 2013 we wonder how many companies will keep up with what consumers want, which are greener and healthier products. The world has become more Eco friendly over the last few years and manufacturers know that in order to please consumers they need to be offering green eco-friendly products that meets their demands, it has become somewhat of a standard practice.

December 4th

An Infographic that Predicts How Long Your Business Will Last

If you are in the business of anything, you know you need resources – whether it is human or natural capital. When Mitt Romney, a successful businessman famously made a joke about climate change at the 2012 GOP’s national convention during the 2012 presidential elections, he assumed that resources are unlimited and climate change does […]

November 16th