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The method method: A Cleaner Clean, Design + Innovation and Just Plain Weird

How did method, in 10 years, turn the cleaning business industry upside down, redefine cleaners and set new standards for cleaning supplies?

Eric and Adam reveal their successes are tied to their obsessions! They talk about the method story in a book they released this week called ‘The method method’ (an excellent read that is both humorous and gripping). They call these core strategeies “obsessions” because they realize that unless you are obsessed about your business values and practices, they could fade away as your business grows.

September 23rd

Book Review: Revolution in a Bottle—How TerraCycle Is Redefining Green Business by Tom Szaky

Like many others, we already loved TerraCycle before reviewing Tom Szaky’s book, Revolution in a Bottle—How TerraCycle Is Redefining Green Business. Szaky’s little book is incredibly readable and takes you through the ups and downs (there were lots of downs). Starting with his freshman year at Princeton and his decision to drop-out, Szaky takes us with […]

November 10th

Life Lessons for EcoEntrepreneurs and all Innovators

You can get legal advice, accounting services, marketing consulting and more.  But sometimes the key to entrepreneurial success is just stick-to-it-iveness.  Where do you turn when the whole process of running your own business (or getting one off the ground) is just overwhelming? One place is a book. Tuesday, Tina Seelig spoke at the Commonwealth […]

July 23rd

Earth Day marketing without the one-time PR ‘stunts’

Earth Day takes place this April 22nd. As a green leader or entrepreneur, the day begs the question, what will you be doing? In a mad public relations world that anchors on events as a tangible “touch point” in lieu of diving into the messier (and harder to track or control) world of ‘awareness’, Earth […]

April 9th

How Design Can Make Your Green Business Matter Even More

I couldn’t help but be curious about a book called “Do You Matter?” It is a great question for an entrepreneur to ask. And the book’s subtitle “How Great Design Will Make People Love Your Company” is compelling. Doesn’t sustainability make our companies matter? Doesn’t our value of the environment make us matter? Is design […]

February 17th

3 Green Lessons from Aspen Ski Company

I’m reading an advance copy of Auden Schendler’s “Getting Green Done,” coming out next week. It’s filled with lots of wisdom from the front lines and its a great read. It has also given me some great insights for the book I’m writing on greening small businesses. I thought I’d share three nuggets of wisdom […]

February 16th

Hosting a Party to Promote Green Products–Did It Work?

In a previous posting, I wrote about an increasing trend to host parties to generate interest for your green product.  I was hosting a book release party for my book, Build a Green Small Business:  Profitable Ways to Become an Ecopreneur, and was curious to see whether the event would be a worthwhile marketing event, […]

January 28th

Book Review–75 Green Businesses by Glenn Croston

Book review– 75 Green Businesses You Can Start to Make Money and Make a Difference by Glenn Croston, Ph.D This book is a nice complement to Ecopreneuring by John Ivanko and Lisa Kivirist, in that while the latter is a lifestyle book, i.e., what would it be like to be a social entrepreneur, this book […]

January 23rd

Ebooks – Green Holiday Gift Ideas From Ecobrain

Ecobrain, a green publishing company offers ebooks, the ideal green reading choice. Ebooks can be instantly downloaded to your desktop. Ecobrain has a series of ebooks that make ideal reading for Ecopreneurs. offers thousands of other titles about or relating to the environment. Their genres include environment, sustainable living, cookbooks, biographies, kids’ books, how-to guides, green architecture titles, organic gardening, composting, fiction and more.

December 11th

Van Jones’ Ecopreneurial Vision

Yesterday I had the pleasure of hearing Van Jones, author of The Green Collar Economy, talk about his vision for a green economy at The Center For American Progess. It was an oversubscribed crowd and Jones sat comfortably on an arm chair on a slightly raised platform, giving the impression of a living room chat. […]

November 19th

75 Green Start-Ups That Can Make A Difference

I spent this morning at a meeting of The Eco Investment Club meeting in San Diego. Founder, Yeves Perez thought I might be interested in attending and I was. While there, I had the opportunity to speak with Glenn Croston, a Ph.D. biologoist and founder of Starting Up Like many of us, Glenn told […]

November 5th

Relevance: Green Businesses, Just Be Real (Book Review)

Book Review– At the beginning of “Relevance: Making Stuff That Matters,” Tim Manners states that “an epidemic of irrelevance has brought once-powerful brands to their knees”. Perhaps, I am a bit younger than Manners, but I do not see what he calls an “epidemic” being anything more than business as usual, but perhaps I just […]

September 19th

A Cocktail Party Guide to Global Warming: Soundbyte-free science

Shortcuts can work. Sometimes, they get the better of even the brightest business minds. And, sometimes, they bite us in the posterior as we completely miss the train. A soundbyte is that modern age, Blackberry-fueled shortcut: a way to stand on the shoulders of giants and give the appearance that we have done our research […]

July 25th