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How to Hack Buildings to Increase Productivity

We may be familiar with computer hacking, but what about hacking buildings? Future360 investigates that a hackable building is one that’s been adapted or modified to be almost unrecognizable from its original form. Architecture firm Gensler first coined the phrase “hackable buildings” and became a case study for this exciting new concept. Gensler’s Los Angeles […]

April 26th

The Top 5 Cleantech Keys to Success

Cleantech evangelist gives Future360 exclusive insight into the top 5 cleantech keys to success. These include efficiency, ease of installation, price point, payback and the game changing nature of a technology.

April 12th

Westly Group Announces 150 Million Cleantech Fund

The Westly Group recently announced their 160M cleantech fund at the Cleantech Forum in San Francisco. Future360 got the inside story on the announcement.

According to Steve Westly, it’s harbinger of things to come. Westly cites the IPO for Tesla as the first time people saw a big transformational idea come to fore.

April 5th

Why Facebook Likes Cleantech

Future360 spoke with Bill Weihl, Sustainabilty Guru at Facebook. Facebook partnered with the Cleantech Group for the “Cleantech Goes Social” Competition. Weihl spoke of Facebook’s role as a platform for people to solve sustainability problems.

March 29th

Operation Cleantech pt 3: America the Loser

In part three of Operation Cleantech, Future360 asks everyday Americans how it feels like to lose. While trying not to get punched in the face in the process. America has always been a world leader. We put man on the moon. We invented flight, light and the iPad. But when it comes to cleantech, we’re trailing behind the rest of the world.

March 15th

Operation Cleantech Pt 2: What’s in it for you?

Future360 is back on the streets of LA. This time we’re on a quest to find out whether people know about the benefits clean technology can bring. Things like clean water, an end to the crazy weather that’s destroying our planet, and a lessened reliance on the fossil fuels that are driving us into oblivion. […]

March 8th

Keith Gillard: Top 3 Mistakes made by Cleantech Entrepreneurs

Future360 caught up with Keith Gillard, General Partner at Pangaea Ventures for his exclusive insight into the Top 3 Mistakes made by Cleantech Entrepreneurs. Here’s his advice: 1) Do your due diligence on the VC you are pitching to, 2)Don’t advice the VC on investments and 3)Think about the capital intensity of your project.

February 15th

Future360 Friday: Inspiring Cleantech News to Jumpstart Your Weekend

Cleantech and cleanweb applications are going to power our energy future. Not only do these present viable solutions for cleaner, more sustainable energy but they also provide the medium for innovative entrepreneurs and businesses to thrive. Do you have the tools, information and the resources to capitalize on this opportunity?

Ecopreneurist is proud to bring to you a new feature “Future360 Friday” through collaboration with Future 360, a leading video platform that champions innovation in cleantech.

January 25th