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Via CleanTechnica: We’ve got several notable updates regarding our first cleantech conference — CLEANTECH REVOLUTION TOUR → BERLIN — to share with you. First of all, we now have: → a Facebook event page (share with friends!) → an event webpage (which we’ll continuously update) → an eventbrite page for registering (again, register, and share with friends!) … and a confirmed […]

March 25th

Suga Yoga Mats are Made from Recycled Wetsuit Materials

As a long-time surfer and yogi, I’ve long known that surfing and yoga have a great synergy: both offer great benefits for the body and mind, and the activities themselves complement each other. Yoga helps balance out the hard work of the muscles, while surfing makes the body stronger and more balanced. And now Suga yoga […]

January 11th

What Is the Cost of Sugar to the Planet?

Sugar seems to be popping up everywhere in packaged foods these days, which is a big health concern for those who consume a lot of it, but even aside from the issue of the health effects of sugar on the body, there’s another part of the story, which is the effect that growing sugar has […]

January 26th

Tackling the Global E-Waste Problem (Infographic)

Originally published on CustomMade. Last year, the world produced nearly 54 million tons of electrical and electronic products, but only a fraction of it was reused, refurbished, or recycled. With a relatively short lifecycle, e-waste now litters dumpsites all over the world, exposing humans and the environment to toxic materials. Some eco-conscious offices use industrial […]

January 16th

Consumer Education is Key Factor in Sustainability Success

More and more, big companies have a growing responsibility, not just to help their bottom line, but to promote significant positive behaviors that contribute to a healthier world. That often means going above and beyond company-wide sustainable initiatives—it means committing to consumer education programs and encouraging audiences to be a part of the responsibility we […]

December 18th

Ancient African Superfood Recipe Starts by Milking a Banana

The non-dairy beverage industry is full of so-called milks made from almonds, soybeans, rice, coconuts, and even oats, spawning a variety of jokes that start with something like “but how do you milk a nut (grain, bean, etc)?” However, this abundance of options for grain and nut milks gives those who are lactose intolerant, have […]

November 11th

What the Pluck? Patagonia Pledges 100% Traceable Down

Once again, sustainable business leader Patagonia is paving the way forward for further supply chain transparency in the apparel industry with their latest contribution to material supply standards, the Traceable Down Standard (TDS). Natural goose down is an incredible material, as it provides a lot of warmth with minimal weight, so its use in everything […]

October 30th

Shorten Your Flower Miles with Slow Flowers

There are a number of ways we can cut down on our environmental footprint, ranging from using alternative transportation to watching our water use to eating locally to avoiding excess packaging to shopping locally and more. Many of those methods also help to boost local economies, while cutting down the amount of transportation-related money and […]

September 25th