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PUMA Re-Cut Project Upcycles Denim into New Shoes

A new line of shoes from PUMA is combining upcycling with social good, by turning leftover denim scraps into new shoes and giving 100% of the profits from the sales of those shoes to an orphanage in Vietnam. The PUMA Re-Cut project, which is part of the company’s Closing the Loop initiative, takes leftover denim […]

March 31st

Organic Cotton Fabric Can Still be “Dirty”

When trying to make more sustainable fashion choices, it would be great if we could rely solely on brand’s claims of using organic cotton fabric, but unfortunately, it’s not nearly as simple as that. While choosing organic cotton clothing and accessories can be a lot better than those made with conventional cotton, it turns out […]

March 21st

Sustainable Fashion from Plastic in the Ocean: Bionic Yarn

In the sustainable fashion movement, there are a wide range of strategies and angles that clothing entrepreneurs are taking to build a more eco-conscious apparel industry, from using organic fibers to sourcing materials from Fair Trade suppliers to using recycled plastic water bottles, but there’s another approach, this time using the plastic found in the […]

March 17th

A Bottled Water that Plants Trees and Creates Clean Energy

Bottled water tends to be an environmental boondoggle. Not only are most bottled water brands using the same municipal water that is readily available from the tap (with a huge markup added to it), but those plastic bottles contribute to our massive plastic waste problem, even if in theory, they are recyclable. However, there’s a […]

March 12th

Biodegradable Cigarette Butts Could Reduce Smoking Litter

A biodegradable cigarette filter made from all-natural materials could make a huge impact on the amount and type of litter associated with smoking, which is currently quite significant. It’s estimated that some 5 trillion cigarette butts end up as litter every year, and because most of them are made with synthetic materials that are resistant […]

February 11th

An Affordable Solar Lantern, Made in Africa

Solar lanterns are an excellent small-scale use of renewable energy, whether for camping, for an emergency preparedness kit, or just as a low-carbon source of light at home. But for most of us, with easy access to the grid and cheap batteries in every store, they’re just a neat accessory. However, in many parts of […]

January 13th