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Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Challenge Seeks Innovative Scalable Solutions

The latest Business Innovations initiative from Imagine H20 is seeking innovative and scalable solutions, which can bring about “quantifiable cost savings” or environmental impacts, to water and wastewater infrastructure issues. Instead of looking at point-of-use or consumer innovations for water and wastewater concerns, the Infrastructure Challenge, which begins on October 1st, is a “path to […]

September 22nd

Giant Composter Will Turn the Deceased Into Soil-Building Material

Aside from cremations, the current burial practices in the modern funeral industry are fraught with environmental issues (and even cremations require a large energy input). Not only does a burial plot take up space, virtually forever, in the physical realm, but the materials in the caskets are designed to last for a long, long, time, […]

September 10th

Solar Powered Toilet Makes Biochar from Human Waste

A new type of solar-powered, waterless toilet that creates biochar from human waste could be a game-changing sanitation solution, providing a self-contained safe and sanitary toilet facility and producing a valuable agricultural resource. Those of us living in the developed world don’t often realize how good we’ve got it, and how many everyday items we […]

March 18th

A Market-Based Approach to Better Access to Sanitation

Today is World Toilet Day. Snicker at that if you must, but the next time you use the easily accessible flush toilets we’ve all come to expect, remember that there are plenty of our fellow humans that have to resort to squatting in the dirt to relieve themselves every single day of the year. And […]

November 19th