Social Entrepreneurs

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Urban Metabolism and Re-Nuble

In the three years since I founded my own company, I have learned that linkages are borne out of the unlikeliest of places. Five years ago, I was sitting with my colleague, Ranjith Annepu, discussing an idea Karl Marx first introduced – urban metabolism. Urban metabolism studies cities as if they were organisms, which exchange […]

August 31st

How to Find Your Social Entrepreneurship Soul

These days, it seems as if everyone with a business idea that has an angle that could possibly benefit society or the environment or the underprivileged or under-served in some way describes themselves as social entrepreneurs. But is that really the case? Some might argue that unless there’s a very strong case for social good […]

January 9th

Development of Social Entrepreneurs in US Could Add to Bottom Line of Nation

The current trend of corporate sustainability initiatives, while potentially ‘greening’ the operations of those companies, may not be the most effective method of advancing environmental sustainability across the US. While those sustainability programs can offer a feel-good effect for company communications efforts, they may not be doing much for the overall picture, except for reducing […]

January 8th