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Via CleanTechnica: We’ve got several notable updates regarding our first cleantech conference — CLEANTECH REVOLUTION TOUR → BERLIN — to share with you. First of all, we now have: → a Facebook event page (share with friends!) → an event webpage (which we’ll continuously update) → an eventbrite page for registering (again, register, and share with friends!) … and a confirmed […]

March 25th

Will Autonomous Cars Help or Hurt the Environment?

Driverless cars are on their way, whether you like it or not. Pretty soon, autonomous driving will be a thing of the present, rather than the future, and dozens—if not hundreds—of manufacturers will be offering self-driving vehicles. It’s not a matter of “if,” but rather a matter of “when.” Yet, it leaves us wondering: will […]

April 13th

Green Cars: The Future is Now (Infographic)

There has never been a better time to buy a green car, and whether you’re choosing an environmentally friendly vehicle because of lower fuel costs or lower emissions, chances are there is a an alt-fuel or fuel-efficient green car to meet your needs. Whatever type of green car you choose, don’t forget to do your research […]

March 2nd

Green Business Ideas: Electric Bike Shop

If you’d like to get a piece of the clean transportation action with your green business, one of the exciting new markets is electric bikes, or ebikes, which are getting lighter and more efficient, with longer ranges, every day. Whether you start your own electric bike shop, add electric bicycles to an existing new or […]

January 6th

Toyota Opens Hydrogen Fuel Cell Patents to Competitors

Originally published on Gas2. By Christopher Demorro Though automakers has long been protective of its patents, the tide towards open-sourcing many important patents seems to have taken hold in the industry. Following Elon Musk’s announcement that Tesla patents would be free to use by other automakers, Toyota has opened up over 5,600 of its hydrogen […]

January 6th

Could This Little Gadget Clean Up Our Car & Truck Engines?

Aside from purchasing a new vehicle with cleaner emissions and higher efficiency, how can one reduce the amount of harmful tailpipe emissions? If this crowdfunding campaign succeeds, you may be able to add this little machine to an existing car or truck engine, which is claimed to reduce particulate matter emissions, increase combustion efficiency, and […]

August 8th

Hertz Offers Chevy Spark EV as Rental Car Option

For those of you looking for a cleaner, greener rental car option, Hertz is making it that much easier, with the announcement that they will be offering the Chevy Spark EV as one of their electric car options. When considering renting a car, either to get around your own city, or while traveling, it’s great […]

June 9th