Feature Your Green Biz on EP!

About ‘In Focus’

There is plenty of good news in the eco-business world, and unfortunately we cannot cover it all. So here is a way you can feature the next big thing on Ecopreneurist. If you have a great story on how your business or product can help the green business mission, here is your chance to reach our readers! You can create your own content and submit it for review and publication under the brand-spanking new “In Focus” feature on Ecopreneurist.


Where will it feature on the site?

All approved posts will appear on our main page in the order received. Featured posts will appear on the main page and will be the top post for a day. Posts will be visible to our growing readership and will be distributed through social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.


What does it cost?

A feature on ‘In Focus’ that is approved will cost $ 150 per post.


What kind of content can you submit?

You can submit anything pertaining to your sustainable business – interviews, press-releases, videos or a regular feature post. You could also report a study or research finding or even an infographic. The stage is yours!


What does the approval process entail?

The content is reviewed for formatting mainly. Of course, the topic needs to generally jive with what our blog stands for. Posts published under this feature are not necessarily endorsed by Ecopreneurist.


How to get your feature on Ecopreneurist?

It’s Super Simple!

Contact us through this easy form.


  • Please submit content relevant to the site. Consider submitting posts that fit this blog’s USP.
  • If you have a time constraint on the posting, let us know and we will work with you.
  • On the same lines, if you have a press release or product release coming up, I encourage you to submit your content a few days earlier so we are able to publish a top quality post.
  • Please include images/ video links or any other visuals you would like to go on the post. You may submit these with the main post. Images ideally should be 500 X 400 pixels.
  • You can submit a short author/ company bio and headshot/logo image to go below the post.
  • Typical posts lengths are 400-600 words.
  • Include relevant sub-headings for easy read-ability.

Image via Shutter Stock