What is Jeffrey Hollender up to these days?

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Jeffrey Hollender is the author of 7 books, a serial eco-entrepreneur, co-chair of the American Sustainable Business Council, and teaches at NYU. He may be best known for his role in co-founding Seventh Generation, one of the pioneers of greener and healthier household cleaning products. Recently, I had a chance to catch up with Mr. […]

Entrepreneur Competition Will Award $20,000 In Prizes

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The Washington Coast Works Sustainable Small Business Competition will award $10,000 to the winning contestant and another $10,000 in runner-up awards. The entrepreneur competition has been established by The Nature Conservancy in collaboration with Enterprise for Equity, Pinchot University’s Center for Inclusive Entrepreneurship, and the Taala Fund. It is also funded in part by a USDA Rural Business […]

Dr Cameron Sordi On Digital Dentistry: Is This the Next Disruptive Technology?

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Although the term ‘disruptive innovation or technology’ dates back to 1995 when Harvard Business School Professor Clayton M. Christensen coined the term, its prevalence has only reached fever pitch in the last five years, as it has become a common buzzword used to define emerging innovations and technologies. The term obviously extends to digital technologies […]