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100 More Colleges Join the Fossil Fuel Free Campaign

College students are notorious for their anti-war sensibilities. But that hasn’t stopped several institutions of higher learning from declaring war on fossil fuels. The Fossil Free campaign was started by, a group dedicated to spreading awareness of climate change in order to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and support the growth of clean […]

December 4th

Why Lush Cosmetics is Saying NO to Keystone XL

Today, nationwide retailer LUSH Cosmetics, in partnership with is making a powerful statement against the Keystone XL project.

LUSH will convert 80 of its US shops into polling stations and urges its customers to say NO to the proposed Keystone XL oil pipeline as part of the company’s campaign to halt further expansion of Canada’s tar sands. LUSH believes that Americans should have a say in their energy future and are utilizing their shops, website and brave staff to give everyday people a chance to do so.

May 29th

Stabilizing Earth’s Atmosphere a Priority for Ecopreneurs: Share Animation Video with all Stakeholders

It’s not just any number: 350. Returning to 350 parts per million of carbon dioxide in our Earth’s atmosphere is the level that most of the world’s scientific community agrees as the safe upper limit for carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. When industrial revolution began, it was 275 parts per million. Today, we’re far above […]

June 25th